Advertising is a competitive industry, so students wishing enter the field need to get an advantage. Atlanta is a city that offers that advantage, with the CNN headquarters located in Atlanta as well as 13 Fortune 500 and 24 Fortune 1000 headquarters. Atlanta is the ideal city to attend advertising school in, with a wide range of highly qualified institutions. 

With employment in the advertising area expected to grow by 27% by the end of this year, it’s obvious why studying at an advertising school is a smart career move. The financial benefits and opportunity for career growth in the advertising sector mean that your degree will never go to waste. Jobs in marketing, business and advertising are all options for someone who has attended advertising school. Gaining a degree in advertising means guaranteed job prospects, as well as a rewarding career. 

Make The Right Choice For You.

Atlanta has a range of world class advertising schools, as well as a being a growing and prosperous city and a great place to carry out your school experience. You’re sure to find a school that suits your particular needs and study requirements. 

It is important to research to find out which school is right for you. Visit the campuses of any institutions you may wish to attend and speak to staff about any queries you may have. Ask as many questions as possible to make sure that it’s the place for you. 

One of the benefits of choosing an advertising school in Atlanta is that it is home to many top advertising agencies, such as TG Madison and Fletcher Martin. Being close to these employers means that your career prospects upon completion of you degree rise even higher. Not only is it a great city to base yourself with its vibrant cultural and arts scene, it is a great choice for academic reasons, as there are many fantastic schools, giving you the choice of which one is right for you. 

Some of the advertising schools offered in Atlanta are the following:

University of Phoenix:
Benefits: Flexible online learning formats, instructors with advance degrees, and flexible class schedules. Smaller class sizes and more one-on-one teaching.
American InterContinental University
Benefits: Wide range of related undergraduate and post graduate degrees. Offers students the chance to combine campus and online study to tailor their needs. 
The Art Institute of Atlanta
Benefits: Offers the opportunity to combine advertising classes with creative classes such as art and filmmaking. Has weekend and evening classes to offer students extra flexibility. 

Westwood College
Benefits: Offers a unique hands-on, career-focused curriculum. Longer, more in depth degrees for students wishing to extend their studies. 

Whichever of these world class institutions a students chooses, they are assured a quality education, and the opportunity to study not only advertising and marketing, but also subjects in the arts and other sciences. Attending an Atlanta advertising school ensures that you get a well rounded education, and are qualified to enter into the field of your choice. Advertising schools offer gateways into many lucrative career paths. 

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