Atlanta, Georgia is a lively metropolitan city that residents flock to thanks to its mild winters, thriving business market, and breathtaking skyline. The city has something to offer everyone, with an active nightlife and modern urban architecture, yet the most park land per resident of any city its size. Developers are actively renovating old neighborhoods, breathing life back into the area and making it a more affordable space to live for students and families alike.

As a center for business, music, and transportation, more and more students are being drawn to Atlanta advertising colleges. The energetic music, tourism, and sports cultures in the city make Atlanta one of the largest media markets in the country. This ensures that local students have active internship and job opportunities both while they are in school as well as after graduation.

Here you can find strong programs in writing, journalism, marketing, and business. For those with a passion for visual creativity, there are also schools that offer training in graphic design and commercial art. Any of these educational backgrounds are highly valued in an advertising professional, so choose a specialty that appeals to you and utilizes your strengths.

Studying advertising at one of the Atlanta advertising colleges opens up incredible networking and job opportunities. The headquarters for CNN is located in Atlanta, as well as more than a dozen other Fortune 500 companies who are always seeking enthusiastic new employees. Essentially all businesses have a need for advertising and marketing campaigns, so the field of advertising will only continue to grow. Pursuing an advertising degree in Atlanta is an exciting way to get involved in a growing field, gain valuable work experience, and build the professional relationships that will carry on into a successful career.

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