An Associate of Arts is an academic degree that requires two years of study that is usually offered at a community college. The degree shows that one has completed the necessary requirements needed to move on to a bachelor’s degree program. The Associate of Arts degree is also used as a stepping stone towards a reputable university. Students who are planning to get a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Humanities will find it beneficial to earn this type of educational program. 

An Overview:

An Associate of Arts is designed to provide a firm foundation in liberal arts. The skills acquired from this program include mathematics, social sciences, humanities and other courses needed for many types of vocations. After the completion of the degree program, students may continue to pursue bachelor’s degrees in the fields of arts and sciences. 

Completion Requirements:

An Associate of Arts program usually requires a period of between 48-60 hours per semester. Courses to be taken include subjects on writing, speech, humanities, communications, social sciences, anthropology, psychology, natural sciences, mathematics, physics and biology. Students are also given a chance to select their preferred elective coursework. These electives may include archaeology, architecture, culture, and gender-related studies. 

Benefits of Completing an Associate of Arts Program:

Completing an Associate of Arts degree has a lot of benefits to offer. First of all, community colleges are less expensive as compared to universities offering four-year courses. For those aiming to enter a specific university, yet failed to achieve the minimum grade required, getting an associate’s degree from a community college can be a stepping stone for a second chance. Just make sure that the grades you attain from the program are high enough to be granted access to prestigious universities. 

Many people who finish high school are usually undecided as to what major they should try to get. Getting an associate’s degree often leads one to think carefully about this very important decision. Narrowing down the choices while taking classes is a good option and definitely helpful. 

Getting into a 4-year Institution:

There is an option to transfer to a four-year college after two years of study. Many community colleges usually forge an agreement with these institutions for the benefit of students. These four-year institutions agree to the transfer of credits from the associate’s degree program to allow you to continue pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a chosen major. However, you need to meet the requirement demands of the school to be granted admission. To determine the process required for the transfer, seek the advice of the school’s transfer counselors or call them via their contact number or email address. 

Career Overview:

The Associate of Arts degree is a good foundation if you are going to earn a bachelor’s degree in the future. However, the skills acquired from studying the general courses provided can be applied in the working environment already. These skills, including communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving, may be used to land a job for many entry-level positions in key areas such as business, government services, and social services. Getting a job related to the major you are planning to gain is a good decision as well. When you apply for a job, make sure that the position you are applying for is related to what you intend to pursue in a four-year institution.


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