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Architecture Schools in Virginia

Who has not looked at a building and marveled at the architecture? For some students, not only do they marvel, but they want to design one as well. Architecture schools in Virginia can make that dream a reality. Students can choose from a multitude of architecture programs the universities and colleges located across Virginia. Additionally, there are many technical colleges in Virginia which also offer design and drafting courses for a career in architecture.

If you choose a formal university education, you can expect to take many classes not only in architectural design but also in the history of architecture. You can also expect to take theory classes, as well as more hands-on designing and drafting classes. At the many architecture schools in Virginia, you will also have the opportunity to visit a variety of historical buildings and study their construction. Possible degree programs also include landscape architecture and urban planning, if you know you want to specialize in these areas. Architecture schools in Virginia are not only for people who want to build skyscrapers, but also for those who want to reinvent the unused spaces we already have in our cities and towns to make them more welcoming and more efficient.

If your desired architecture schools in Virginia run more to the technical aspect of architecture, there are many to suit your needs. In these schools, you will probably focus more on the hands-on learning of drafting and using designing programs like AutoCAD. At these schools, you will learn to prepare blueprints and designs for professionals. You may also learn about design for mechanical products such as appliances, tools, or electronics.

When you graduate from an architecture school in Virginia, you will have many career options. For example, after graduating from a technical school, you might find yourself working for a construction firm, a business that produces blueprints for contractors and builders, or an architectural firm using complicated software to help produce the plans necessary for their projects.

Students graduating with a university-level education in architecture will find that they have a wider range of career options than just designing new buildings. Architects still build new structures, but they also renovate old ones. Architects are needed more than ever to make existing cities and towns more livable by providing redesigned living spaces for residents and revitalizing worn-down spaces. Some architects may choose to go into specialized fields, such as green design.

The graduates of architectural schools in Virginia may also find they prefer to design open spaces rather than buildings and houses. Landscape architects design or improve parks, building grounds, and many other open spaces. They aid in the creation of subdivisions and the renovation of old neighborhoods. Some architects may find themselves working not for a private firm but for a government agency. Perhaps they consult with local governments, or they may work for a state or federal agency.

Regardless of what level of education you choose, architecture schools in Virginia can lead you to a wonderful and varied career. While you may become an architect in the classical sense, you can also find a career in making blueprints, designing parks, or urban planning.


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Norfolk State University Architecture | Performing Arts Four-year school Norfolk, VA 6993 City Public
Hampton University Advertising | Architecture | Arts Management | Performing Arts Four-year school Hampton, VA 5402 City Private
John Tyler Community College Architecture | Performing Arts Two-year school Chester, VA 9692 Suburb Public
Northern Virginia Community College Architecture | CAD, Drafting | Graphic Design | Interior Design | Performing Arts | Photography | Web Design & New Media Two-year school Annandale, VA 46619 Suburb Public
University of Virginia - Main Campus Architecture | Landscape Architecture | Performing Arts Four-year school Charlottesville, VA 24355 Suburb Public
Westwood College - Annandale Animation | Architecture | CAD, Drafting | Game Design | Graphic Design | Interior Design | Visual Effects Four-year school Annandale, VA 473 Suburb Private
Virginia Western Community College Architecture | CAD, Drafting | Graphic Design | Interior Design Two-year school Roanoke, VA 8927 City Public
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Architecture | Fashion Design, Marketing, Merchandising | Interior Design | Landscape Architecture | Performing Arts Four-year school Blacksburg, VA 30870 City Public
Westwood College - Arlington Ballston Animation | Architecture | CAD, Drafting | Game Design | Graphic Design | Interior Design | Visual Effects Four-year school Arlington, VA 473 City Private

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