A student seeking an education in art has many art schools to choose from in the USA. There also is an option of attending a liberal arts college and studying art as a major. Most liberal arts colleges will have an art major available which will be combined with a liberal arts program. An art school devoted only to art, will likely have a wider range of art classes including fine art, design, graphic art, illustration, interior design, and much more. It’s important to choose a school which will have the courses you need as well as career development and job counseling. If you would like to have a full liberal arts education and graduate with a degree in art, then it’s important to find a school that will provide both. Whether you want an art school or college, you will have many choices in the USA.
There is some basic information that you will need about colleges or schools that interest you. Tuition costs and loan availability is probably of considerable importance. The locality of the school may be important to you, do you want to attend school locally or do you want to experience an out of town college? You may also want to know the make up of the student body, where the students come from, what the general backgrounds are. It’s also important to check the entrance requirements and see if you are eligible or if not, what you need to do to become eligible. Not all schools have the same requirements, so that can be a deciding issue for you. This will also be dependent on what type of degree you are hoping for.
The best way to start looking at schools is to check their websites. There is a lot of comprehensive information about the school on it’s website and this can give you a general picture of the school. If a school interests you, call the information or admissions office and request a phone consultation. If the school is local to you, make an appointment to tour the school and meet with the admissions staff. There’s no better way to get a feel for the school than to go and see it for yourself. 
If you are set on attending an out of town school or you feel that a certain remote school is the best for you, then you will need to do some networking to get as much information about the school as you can. Ask to speak with alumni and/or current students, this can be very helpful. Consider the travel expenses when looking for an out of town school, and if the locality will meet your own unique needs. If you find that you are liking what you hear about the school and feel it might be a good choice for you, then try to go there and tour the school, especially if they have an open house day,
To find out what schools are an option for you, the Internet is your first place to look. Most major colleges will have an art program so you may find a school in your state. There are some excellent art schools in major cities such as in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. In New York there are several choices such as Pratt School of Art and Design. In San Francisco one excellent school is the San Francisco Art Institute, and in Chicago, the prestigious School of Art Institute of Chicago. Any of these and many other schools will provide an excellent education in art, it’s up to you to choose the school that will help you achieve your educational and career goals.

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