Wisconsin can be a desirable state for students to attend art school. Diverse artists such as architect Frank Lloyd Wright and artist Georgia O’Keefe, among others, have called Wisconsin home at some point. Wisconsin has a great emphasis on the arts and provides numerous opportunities for art students and aspiring artists. Wisconsin has a healthy mix of large universities, technical schools, small liberal arts colleges and community colleges, which can fit the specific needs of nearly any student. Students wishing to pursue an education at art schools in Wisconsin should research the type of art department each school has, as well as the amenities of the school in general. Is the school large or small? Does it have an urban campus or one that is more secluded? Does the art school offer internships or job placements post-graduation, or maybe it has a gallery that exhibits student art. This can be important for potential new students to research, as these helpful services can be their foot-in-the-door in their art careers. Knowing these different factors can make a difference in an art student’s choice of schools to attend.

There are several art schools in Wisconsin as well as colleges and universities with specific art programs and departments. The number of places to study art in Wisconsin means students can choose from many locations to live, including in cities or suburbs or even in more rural environments depending on interests. For example, students living in or around the city of Milwaukee, WI have access to many galleries, art festivals and museums, as the city is well known for its appreciation of art. Many art students may find inspiration in the Milwaukee Art Museum, located right on Lake Michigan, which boasts a very recognizable and unique design and is considered to be one of the nation’s top museums.

There are many schooling options for students wishing to obtain an art degree in Wisconsin. The Art Institute of Wisconsin is located right in Milwaukee, WI. This school offers several education options, most of which are taught by local professionals in the art field. Students looking for a smaller college may enjoy the art program at Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI. This department of art offers four different major areas of study, ranging from studio art to art therapy. Beloit, Wisconsin is home to Beloit College which has its own department of art, as does Carroll College Academy in Waukesha. Another Wisconsin college to consider is Carthage College in Kenosha. All of these colleges can offer a different approach to the study of art while offering the same basic foundation students need to develop and hone their artistic skills. Upon graduating, students can go into popular art professions like film production, painting, graphic design, photographing, museum or gallery curator, illustrator, art teacher, architect, computer animation, fashion design, advertising, industrial arts, and countless more.

Whether Wisconsin art students are looking to study photography, studio art, art education, ceramics or anything in between, there is a school just for them within this beautiful and diverse state. The state’s continued dedication towards the arts makes Wisconsin an ideal environment for new art students looking to gain an all-around solid education.


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