Virginia is a popular state for students looking to get an art education due to all the resources available. Art can be found everywhere in Virginia. The state is home to dozens of fine museums, performing arts theaters, galleries and operas, making the state a hotbed for all types of artistic expression. All the history in the state also makes Virginia a great place for students to explore and study historically significant American artwork. Virginia has a mixture of large universities, small liberal arts colleges, community colleges and technical schools, giving students a variety of options to decide among. There is also beautiful landscaping, small quaint communities and large cities all within the borders, allowing students to pick and choose which type of environment they wish to experience while getting their education at art schools in Virginia. Students should research the type of art department each school has as well as any specific areas of study they provide prior to choosing a university to be sure they are getting the right type of resources. Students should also be aware of what type of art degree they are striving for, whether it’s an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree, as this can also help narrow their schooling options. Whatever the decision, it is likely they can find the perfect fit for them as an individual within the many different Virginia art schools.

Students wishing to go to art school in Virginia have a number of options. For example, some popular choices include the Art Institute of Washington in Arlington, VA and the Art Institute of Washington in Northern Sterling, VA. These schools not only have comprehensive education programs which allow students to achieve a bachelor’s degree or certifications in more specific areas, but the locations can be desirable for those wishing to study art. Both schools are located close to Washington, DC and all of its art galleries, museums and mixture of cultures located within the city. Washington, DC also offers a lively restaurant and night scene for students who wish to socialize as well as study.

Besides the Art Institutes located throughout Virginia, there are also numerous colleges and universities that offer art programs and also other educational programs, in case a student wants to pursue art and another major. Budget-conscious students looking for smaller schools with their own art department can find them in Virginia. Some art colleges offer on-campus dormitories, and students should consider if this matters to them. It will add to the art student’s experience if they choose a school that fits them best. No matter what type of educational experience students wanting to attend art school in Virginia are looking for, there is something for everyone in this state. More exciting, students will be able to enter a variety of art professions upon graduating and be able to create or be involved in art both in the state of Virginia or beyond. Popular art professions include painting, photographing, graphic design, museum or gallery curator, art teacher, illustrator, architect, film production, computer animation, fashion design, industrial arts, advertising, and many more.


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