Are you an aspiring artist looking for art schools in Vermont? There are a multitude of careers that one can pursue with an art degree, and creative individuals can find suitable training at one of the many art schools in Vermont.

While the specific areas of art concentration can vary in the available programs, the core curriculum offered at many of the arts schools in Vermont has a similar structure. Students receive a well-rounded education which includes courses in the arts and humanities. All students are required to complete general education courses in science, social studies, and college mathematics, as well as college-level writing. The student’s major determines the concentration of art courses. A student with a fine arts major may choose to concentrate on painting, sculpture, design, or illustration, while an art student with a computer graphics major would likely pursue coursework in graphic design, typography, animation, 3D design, or video game design at the art schools in Vermont. A quality art program will also include classes that teach students how to prepare a portfolio of his or her best work to show future employers and clients. The portfolio may include drawings, printed pieces, photographs, or large traditional pieces such as paintings or sculptures. Computer graphics students usually have a digital portfolio, which can be in the form of a DVD or CD or a website that clients access online. Digital portfolios are currently the preferred option for traditional artists as well.

There is a wide range of career options for graduates of art schools in Vermont. Graphics, animation, and game design are huge industries for artists these days, as are fashion, interior design, and web design. Some of these fields are also highly technical in nature, so therefore, employers look for candidates with both artistic and technical aptitude. The traditional artist is certainly not outdated, however. Even the most advanced computer graphics software cannot fully emulate the look and feel of natural media such as charcoal, watercolor, or oil paints. Illustrators and portrait artists who use classic media are still in demand, and there will always be a need for teachers for both traditional and digital art techniques.

Whether you are in search of a program for visual art, music, or creative writing, Vermont has a rich and diverse art scene. Even though Vermont is one of the smaller states, there are a number of high-quality art programs available. There are many highly rated art schools in Vermont with a much-lauded teaching staff. Additionally, there are art schools and programs for students interested in graduate studies. Most local colleges have an introductory program, and many offer to transfer credits to larger institutions. A prospective student should evaluate all options carefully to decide which of the art schools in Vermont offer the best programs to fit his or her specific needs.

Graduates of art schools in Vermont will be able to embark on rich and colorful careers, whether they create art for themselves or clients. Graduates are also able to work in a corporate environment if they want, such as with an advertising or marketing agency. Private and public companies also hire in-house graphic designers as well, so there is plenty of employment opportunities.


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