Do you want to work in fine art? Or are you interested in graphic design? Perhaps you want to teach or work in a gallery or museum? Maybe you just want to pursue art as a hobby. Whatever your interest, there are art schools in Tampa that will help you to achieve your goals.

Art and design are big topics of study. One art student might want to be a painter or sculptor. Another might want to draw for comic books or do animation. Art majors might work for advertisers, schools, merchandisers, or publications. It’s possible to run a gallery or a museum. There really is a wide range of career possibilities for those graduating from art schools in Tampa.

At art schools in Tampa, you can pursue a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in art. At the various universities, you can study photography, ceramics, sculpture, and painting, just to name a few different concentrations. You might also study electronic media and art history. Once you have completed your studies, you will be ready for almost any general art-related career.

Art schools in Tampa might also boast galleries that showcase the work of both students and professionals. Some universities have visiting artists programs that have seen contributions from highly acclaimed and sought-after artists. The facilities are usually modern, with comprehensive equipment and materials, studio spaces, and dark rooms.

Tampa art schools not only offer degrees but also internships and career placement. In addition to fine art, many schools will offer classes in design, advertising, and game art. Graduates might work for a video game company, television, or movies, or perhaps you are interested in making commercials. There is also a program for interior design. You can also choose digital movie production, marketing and design, graphic design, and media arts. Many of the art programs also have study-abroad programs to further widen your boundaries and perspectives. Additionally, if you are interested in fashion design, many fashion design art programs will hold an annual fashion and design show to highlight student creations.

If you are more interested in using technology to create different forms of art, you might want to consider art colleges in Tampa that offer degrees in computer animation, graphic design, and special effects animation. Look for a faculty that has worked professionally in the industry so you can get real-world instruction.

Some campuses in Tampa offer courses in design and art management. Some of these courses of study can be completed online. Like the other art schools in Tampa, they provide training that can lead to real jobs in art. Which one you choose depends on where you want to go. Whatever your goal, there is an art school in Tampa that can give you the tools you need to find a job after graduation. Once you graduate, you can work in a number of different fields, even outside the art industry. For example, you can work in advertising or marketing or even for the government. There is a widespread need for those who can create art to communicate a thought or idea or information.


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