Known to some as the state where you can have breakfast in the mountains and dinner by the sea, South Carolina is also a great place to study art. There are several and varied art schools in South Carolina, from the art program at the University of South Carolina to the Art Institute in Charleston. At any of these schools, you can learn what you need to pursue a career in the art industry.

Taking the university track, you will encounter a more traditional course of study. You might take classes in art history, as well as studio classes in painting, photography, sculpture, and design. A university art school in South Carolina will also require you to take a full range of general education courses including English, math, history, and science. But at the end, you will have a Bachelor of Arts degree which will qualify you for a wide range of careers beyond the title of artist. Graduates of South Carolina universities have gone on to work with museums, design firms, video game companies, or broadcasting, just to name a few. Graduates might also work in the theater or fashion industry. Others go on to teaching careers. Still others continue their education by going to graduate school in South Carolina and earning advanced degrees.

Universities are not for everyone, however. The Art Institute, which has many campuses nationwide, also has a campus in Charleston, South Carolina. This South Carolina art school has a number of programs that will prepare you for any number of careers. You might study photography, animation, or fashion design. The list is long. From there, you might go on to cartooning, or you could work in the movie and television industry, or help build a video game company. Perhaps you’ll go on to work as a fashion designer. A career in marketing or advertising is also possible. You could also find a job taking photographs for newspapers, magazines, or weddings.

For the busy South Carolina student, the Academy of Art University offers online education. While it isn’t physically located in South Carolina, you may enroll in an online university and live anywhere. Like other art schools in South Carolina, you will study art history, design, and the fine arts. This school offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees. And as an added advantage, you’ll be able to study on the schedule that best suits you.

Of course, not all South Carolina art schools offer degrees. A number of places around the state only offer art classes and perhaps certificates upon finishing the courses. Adults or children interested in simply developing their art skills can take classes at the Anderson County Arts Center in Anderson, SC or the Spartanburg Art Museum in Spartanburg, SC. These classes can be taken by both the amateur who just wants to pick up a hobby as well as a budding professional who wants to hone a skill. For someone who wants to start their own independent art career, these classes may be the only training needed. For students interested in a more rounded education in the arts may want to look into accredited art schools in South Carolina.


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