A nickname for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the “Steel City.” There are many colleges and universities including art schools in Pittsburgh for students to choose from. Whether you have aspirations of being a great artist or you want to design video games for a living, Pittsburgh has a number of options for your training.

First of all, there is the Art Institute in Pittsburgh which is a school well known for providing quality technical training for a wide range of careers. They offer classes in design, animation, and photography, among other programs. You might choose to take this education and work locally, perhaps in marketing or local broadcasting. Or, you might seek employment with a gaming company. With 3D animation as an offering, you might even set your sights higher, such as on helping create graphics for Hollywood blockbusters. Or with a photography degree, you could set up your own private photography business.

Pittsburgh’s art schools offer both two-year and four-year programs. The University of Pittsburgh offers graduate and undergraduate programs and takes pride in being a research institution. Arts students will learn the same critical reasoning skills as science and business students. The skills learned will allow future artists to choose wisely among a wide range of career choices, including working for museums, galleries, even historical preservation organizations. By going to a university, art students may also pursue a non-arts minor that gives them marketable skills in even non-arts related careers. The University of Pittsburgh also has a college of fine arts and a department of art history.

Other schools in Pittsburgh where students can take art programs or classes include Carnegie Mellon, Duquesne University, Chatham University, Carlow University, and Pittsburg State University. If you want to study art because you are eager to learn how to express your creativity, any of these art schools in Pittsburg may fit the bill. After graduation, you will be able to find a career in the fine arts or you might find a teaching position. As an added bonus, look for colleges that have their own galleries in which student artwork is displayed and sold.

Some colleges will offer a general arts major, while others offer specific programs in visual art and graphic design. From there, you might go into advertising. You might take classes in marketing, drawing, animation, or visual communication. Learning to communicate ideas visually is an important skill that can be used commercially, in the private sector, or even in the government. A graduate of these programs might find themselves working for a political campaign or for a non-profit organization.

Whatever the reason you might want to study art, there are many places in Pittsburgh to study. There are programs for would-be Picassos as well as those who just want to make a living. You might decide to go into graphic design or architecture. There are jobs in the gaming industry or perhaps you might be a part of the next great animated film. Whatever you choose, there is a program that fits your passion in Pittsburgh art schools.


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