There are many art schools in Oregon, offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and community classes. The Oregon College of Art & Craft, the Art Institute of Portland, and the department of art at the University of Oregon all help to make Oregon a haven for students interested in pursuing their artistic dreams. These schools, as well as the many other art schools in Oregon, can offer accreditation programs as well as two-year and four-year degree options.

Oregon offers students an excellent creative environment to study art in. Not only are there numerous art schools in Oregon, the state boasts many art galleries and art studios to provide students with inspiration. Additionally, students can enjoy urban city environments, such as in the bustling city of Portland, as well as take in the beautiful great outdoors. There are also many annual art festivals in Oregon, including the Silverton Fine Arts Festival and the West Linn Arts Festival. At these festivals, students can get the chance to display their creations, receive important feedback, and even make some sales.

Many students who have finished their art schooling in Oregon have gone on to successful careers as artists or simply just in the art industry. At Oregon colleges, students can choose from many available study programs, including fashion design, graphic design, animation, sculpture, photography, and fine art, along with several others. Students can also pursue multiple degrees, if they wish to supplement their art-specific degree with another major.

The art education in Oregon is of a high standard, and many current students have exhibited their course work in art galleries or shows, and some have even won awards. Students at the art colleges in Oregon should expect teachers who are professionals in their fields, including highly regarded practicing artists and art researchers. Many of these art instructors have been published extensively in book form and in creative journals and are able to provide valuable feedback to students.

Students of art colleges in Oregon have gone on to become interior designers, graphic designers, 3D artists, and video editors, for example. Students may benefit from their art schools’ dedicated career services department, which can help put students in contact with industry professionals, keep them informed of job leads, and organize opportunities for students to exhibit their work. The Oregon art schools may also help students find internship opportunities to give them professional experience while still in school.

Several of the art schools in Oregon offer top-class education facilities and studios where students can create their work. Students interested in a top-tier education need to look no further than Oregon art schools. The school will help nurture and foster artistic skills, as well as teach students the necessary business and marketing skills that will help them find jobs upon graduation. If students are interested in attending art colleges in Oregon, it is easy to go online to request more information or a course catalog from the schools. Because different colleges may be better at preparing students in certain fields, it will be helpful to peruse at least a few different Oregon schools before enrolling in one.


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