Art schools in Ontario will provide you with a springboard into the world of contemporary art practice. Art schools offer programs that enable you to develop the skills you need to work as a successful artist or in the art industry.

If you choose to study for a bachelor’s degree at art schools in Ontario, you will have the opportunity to take a variety of courses, including in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, printmaking, digital and computer based imaging, and animation, to name just a few.

Through live projects, professional work placements, workshops, tutorials, and independent study, you will develop the research, organization, collaboration, and presentation skills you need to begin your career in art. Beside simply advancing your own artistic talents, you will also likely learn about art history and theory.

You should consider a program offered by any of the art schools in Ontario if you are artistic, creative, independent, imaginative, and experimental. Your art program will teach you to develop your art techniques, professional practice, and critical reflection. If you wish to study abroad during the course of your art degree, you may wish to choose an art school in Ontario that allows you to partake in an exchange program. This will help you to broaden your appreciation of global art and culture.

Art schools in Ontario typically offer four-year degree courses, with studio art work supported and contextualized through art history and theory. Contemporary attitudes and issues in art will be discussed and analyzed through numerous lectures, seminars, and group critiques. During the course of your art degree, you will be taught by professional artists and fine art researchers. They will guide you in your exploration of national and international art by instigating projects and encouraging visits to exhibitions and events. The majority of art school teaching is conducted in art studios and comprised of one-to-one tutorials and group critiques between fellow art students and university staff.

From the start of your art program, you will produce works of art on professional levels. Your work will be assessed at regular intervals throughout the courses. At the end of your program, you will likely be required to exhibit a project and complete a dissertation.

Art schools in Ontario encourage you to develop a wide range of interdisciplinary skills that equip you for a variety of future careers.

Upon graduating from art schools in Ontario, you will be able to produce artwork meeting professional standards and be able to manage your own artistic projects to reflect your personal artistic expression and individual philosophy. You can find careers in various areas of the art industry and in several related professions. You may become employed as a curator for exhibitions and galleries, join established artists’ organizations, or work in art administration and project management. You may also like to consider teaching art in your local community or at schools and colleges. A significant number of art school graduates go on to enroll in post-graduate art programs. Others become freelance artists and establish their own businesses. There are many career choices with a degree in art from schools in Ontario.


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