Art schools in Ohio are some of the best in the country with a variety of programs for art students. With so many schools, it can be hard to choose which one to enroll in, but the top arts colleges have several majors to pick from that will prepare you for a career in the arts industry. You could major in fine arts, interior or industrial design, media studies, animation, photography, fashion, or illustration. Any of these degree programs provide you with a solid background and the experiences to specialize in many different industries. For example, a fine arts program will require students to take basic courses, department and academic requirements, and liberal arts and studio arts electives.

Some of the art colleges in Ohio offer as many as 19 different majors in integrated media, design, craft, and art. All of these degree programs can be studied as undergraduate programs. Students typically enroll for four years, and upon completion of the program, earn a bachelor of fine arts degree. Students who wish to teach can enroll for an additional year to receive a teaching certificate. With so many programs available, any art student has a number of options available.

Art colleges in Ohio provide students with the skills needed to succeed as an artist, including in color, design, digital studies, and drawing. First-year students learn the basics before moving on to more advanced courses. Some schools may require students to take liberal arts courses to study humanities and social sciences to gain a more-rounded background in history, anthropology, philosophy, and psychology.

A few examples of crafts at some of the Ohio art schools may include jewelry crafting, ceramics, enameling, or metalworking. These courses would be part of a craft and material culture major, one of the unique programs that can be found at art schools in Ohio. You will learn about contemporary and traditional methods so that you have the experience to launch a successful career as an artisan. Additional degree programs offered in Ohio’s art colleges are programs in fashion design and fashion merchandising.

The diversity of art schools in Ohio, together with a variety of urban and suburban locations, and the opportunity to learn from some of the finest instructors in the country, are all good reasons to enroll in one of Ohio’s top schools. Many of the art schools in Ohio have scholarships, grants, and awards for students who qualify. Requirements may vary depending on the school. Some financial aid is based on the program you enroll in, some are based on financial need, and others may be based on grades or academic skills and achievements. Contact the schools that you want to enroll in to find out what financial loans are available.

Art programs in Ohio not only provide you with the skills and experience you need to succeed once you graduate, but the schools provide ways for students to learn how to market their skills. Some schools encourage students to find part-time jobs while attending classes that are related to the program’s coursework. A number of schools sponsor workshops, seminars, and guest speakers. They also provide students with advice on how to seek employment once they graduate. In some cases, faculty may even arrange interviews or auditions for students.


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