Attending art schools in New Jersey is a perfect option for the arts major who is not only committed to a career in the arts, but who also wants a unique learning experience with faculty and staff who are equally committed to helping each student reach their full potential. New Jersey is a great place to study the arts and is easily accessible to New York City, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Atlantic coast. There is a strong commitment to the arts in New Jersey, with many organizations working to promote culture around the state.

Artists and art students will find an enormous amount of support in New Jersey, and an effort is being made to increase art programs for students in the many colleges and art schools in New Jersey to prepare them for fulfilling careers in the industry. New Jersey art schools aim to provide students creative freedoms as well as the technical skills needed to be successful in the art field today.

Students enrolled in one of the many art schools in New Jersey can pursue a bachelor of arts degree program or specialize in a bachelor of arts in art education degree. This latter program focuses on teaching students to become teachers of art education in elementary through high school. College students can also concentrate on developing as artists, whether they want to be painters, sculptors, graphic designer, mixed media designers, dancers, singers, or fashion designers. Whichever area of art students are interested in, the well-developed programs at the various art schools in New Jersey will help students to achieve their best.

The many different concentrations available in a bachelor of art degree allow students to explore their varied interests. A bachelor of arts degree in studio art prepares liberal arts students for careers in visual media, such as painting, sculpture, drawing, craft-making, ceramics, and printmaking. Students can expect classes with a great deal of interaction with instructors and plenty of studio time to hone their art. Art students at four-year colleges in New Jersey can also expect to take courses in the humanities, art history, and art theory as well as general education courses. Many of the skills learned in their specific program can be transferred to other programs.

Students can also study towards a bachelor of fine arts with a concentration in animation. When enrolling in this program at one of the art schools in New Jersey, you will study animation, graphic design, and new technological applications including 3-D model development, with specialization in science, architecture, and broadcast journalism. The bachelor of fine arts with an animation concentration can prepare you for a wide variety of challenging and fulfilling careers. These careers include animator, designer for role-playing games with characters, and illustrator for the medical or science fields. You could also specialize in visual effects. Some students in art colleges in New Jersey may choose a minor in art, art history, graphic design, or photography. Graduate students can pursue a higher degree with the master of art or master of fine art. They can become professors in the field or work at museums and exhibits.


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