Planning your future art career? Search for the best art schools in Minnesota and prepare for your creative career right now.

While Minnesota may not be a place to which one attributes a burgeoning art scene, it is the home state of quite a few famous artists, including Charles Schultz, Judy Garland, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Any budding artists living in this state will find that there are plenty of art schools in Minnesota that offer highly rated programs in many different creative concentrations. There are many colleges or institutions that are specifically geared towards art instruction, and the prestigious colleges and universities all over the state also feature high-quality art departments.

No matter which area of art interests a student, he or she will need a solid foundation of academic courses as well as classes specific to his or her major. All degree programs require a certain amount of general education credits including math, science, English composition writing, social sciences, and languages. Minnesota art schools offer programs with concentrations in majors such as graphic art, digital design or media, photography, fine art, and illustration. The expanding use technology in the digital art fields constantly creates new majors as well. Animation, game design, and web development are examples of some of the most state-of-the-art creative fields available today. Comic books and graphic novels are more popular than ever, which has led to the creation of sequential art major programs in several university art departments. Traditional artists concentrate on studio classes to master natural media such as paint, charcoal, graphite, watercolor, or clay. Digital artists usually have a selection of studio courses as well, but these students will need more technical instruction to learn how to manipulate images and data with industry standard software. Majors in web design, animation and game development require programming classes as well.

The list of career fields available to graduates from art schools in Minnesota is vast. Creative professionals are needed for graphic design, advertising and marketing, illustration, film and gaming industries, and countless other markets nowadays. The amalgamation of technical and creative skills is highly desired by employers, especially those in need of professionals to build a slick web image for their companies. Traditional artists are not left in the dust, however. There is no replacement for fine art rendered in classical media. Studio artists are always needed to create beautiful and unique decor, fashion ensembles, and jewelry, to name a few items. Many illustrators still use traditional media as well. Art schools in Minnesota can provide comprehensive fine art instruction for students interested in digital or traditional art.

Whether a student wants to develop a well-rounded set of artistic skills or concentrate on a specific creative field, the numerous art schools in Minnesota offer a variety of programs to fill his or her needs. It is important to compare degree programs to determine the best coursework to meet one’s educational goals. This is the first step towards one’s dream of entering the creative world of art and design.


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