There are many art schools in Maryland. These art schools offer training in a range of different arts. While all undergraduate programs offer the basics in traditional art education, it is also possible to focus on the student’s area of interest. Several popular majors include painting, photography, animation, ceramics, illustration, graphic design, fiber, art history, printmaking, drawing, film arts, and environmental design.

The types of art degrees and certificates offered at the art schools in Maryland include baccalaureate degrees, master of fine arts, master of arts, and master of professional studies. There are post-baccalaureate certificates available for those interested in further developing their skills but do not want to participate in a degree program.

The range of art schools in Maryland is varied, despite the small size of the state. Besides traditional programs found at schools such as the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College, there are schools that specialize in specific arts, such as in industrial design and drafting or architecture.

The type of courses that are offered depends on the school and major. Some art schools in Maryland will focus more on study and analysis of art, while others focus on a portfolio-driven program. Many local community colleges provide courses that teach the student all that he or she needs to know to transfer to a four-year art school, as many young students may not have the necessary qualifications to attend a top art school right out of high school.

Art schools in Maryland also offer many continuing education programs so those in the community can learn more without having to enroll in a structured course of study. Noncredit art courses are available for both younger and older students. The courses are taught by the art school professional staff and help students create new art and learn new techniques. The interaction between students and teachers is very important for advancement in the arts, and many art schools in Maryland offer an excellent student-to-teacher ratio.

There are several areas of study that fall within the arts programs, but may be unfamiliar to many students. With the advent of the computer and developing technology, digital art programs are becoming an important aspect of art programs. These programs provide students the knowledge and skills to create art on a computer, whether it is for animation or more traditional art.

There are several art schools in Maryland that are not associated with degree programs or university level study. These schools focus on pre-college study or are specialized high schools that provide a more art-centric focus of education as compared to other high schools. These special schools follow specific tracks of study in dance, theater, music, or the visual arts. This type of school is excellent for those students who chose their career path at an early age or whose parents may have noticed a natural skill and want to provide the student with an opportunity to develop that talent.

Many of the art schools in Maryland are located in large cities. However there are other smaller programs and schools located outside of the cities.


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