The gorgeous clear skies, green plains, and wildflowers in Kansas have inspired painters, poets, and photographers for centuries. It is no wonder that many natives of this state search for art schools in Kansas to hone their creative skills. The University of Kansas offers a School of Fine Arts, a School of Architecture and Urban Design, and a department for theater and film. A number of community colleges throughout the state have fine art and technical design programs, which can allow students to transfer to undergraduate program at the University of Kansas after graduation. No matter what degree program is chosen, the education at art schools in Kansas will help to provide a solid foundation for a creative career.

Students who enroll in art schools in Kansas may have different concentrations but will take many of the same basic introductory courses. Art students may take introductory classes in drawing, design, painting, or sculpture, as well as in art theory and art history. Fine art majors who want to study certain concentrations will need to take additional courses that will help them meet their program objectives. For example, painters, illustrators, and crafts artists will enroll in more traditional studio classes, while design students will take classes that may involve digital media. Students who study programs involving technical skills, such as graphic design, animation, and game design will need to take classes about industry software, technical concepts, and problem-solving.

Every year, new technology creates more opportunities for creative expression. As 3-D films and games become more popular, the job opportunities in these fields increase as well. Websites become more dynamic and interactive every day, so the demand for creative web designers increases exponentially. While many people believe that digital art has drowned out more classic forms of work, this concept is proven to be untrue. Even with today’s image-manipulation software and computer software, modern technology cannot replace the texture, delicacy, and sheer presence of hand-painted oil or watercolor. There is no type of machine that can chisel sculptures with the unique personal touch and skills of a sculptor. As another example, publishers still want hand-drawn and painted art for book covers and illustrations. Graduates from art schools in Kansas have many choices for careers, whether they involve raw forms of art or modern technology.

A student will not only find a solid educational foundation at an art school in Kansas, but he or she will also build a portfolio of artwork. A student’s portfolio showcases his or her best work. The work within the portfolio represents the skills of the artist, as well as the quality of education he or she received. Whether the portfolio includes a web-based gallery of projects, a DVD of animation, or a case of hand-drawn designs, the portfolio is one of the most important items for the graduate to find employment. Students at art schools in Kansas will receive training and instruction to create a great portfolio and will also likely have chances to exhibit their artwork to the public in student art shows.

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