Students looking to go to art schools in Iowa have a variety of options to pick from. Iowa has both large and small cities, offering a diverse education experience for interested students. Several large cities in Iowa have a number of art museums and galleries for students to explore. While studying in Iowa, students can get their degree from an art institute, a small private college or a large university, depending on individual preferences and needs. Most art schools in Iowa provide a similar basic education for their art students, helping them hone and develop their skills and teaching them different aspects of the art industry.

Whether Iowan art students wish to simply advance their skills or learn about the history behind art, there is an art school in Iowa that can provide students with what they’re looking for. However, some art schools in Iowa are better at some focuses than others, and students should be aware of this when researching Iowan art schools. Having a clear idea of what field of art a student is interested in is an easy way to determine which schools will be more or less helpful to reaching a student’s career goals.

There are numerous schools in Iowa for aspiring art students. If students are looking for a large university with an art department, both the University of Iowa in Iowa City and the Iowa State University have programs that may be of interest. Students studying at University of Iowa can benefit from many studio and performing arts courses, as well as supplement their art studies with other degrees such as business administration. Iowa State University offers art, design and architecture programs for students who may be interested in going into these fields. There are also smaller schools with art departments and programs around the state, including schools in the Quad Cities area, which consists of cities in Iowa and Illinois. This area in the state straddles the Mississippi river and is a beautiful area, which some art students may find inspiring. The Quad Cities is also home to one of the largest art museums in the Midwest, the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa. Davenport, IA is also home to St. Ambrose University, which has an art department and offers easy access to the cultural and historic happenings in this area of Iowa.

No matter which of these programs students decide best fits their needs, they can expect that any art-based education will teach them about the art market, business, and history while helping them develop their actual skills. Programs should also help students to create a professional portfolio to show potential employers or clients. Once students have graduated from their Iowa art school, they may choose to stay in the state or work in another part of the country or world. Many of these schools offer career placement services to help students find their ideal post-graduation job, or help them to start privately selling some of their artwork to local galleries. Students can do a number of things with their art degree, including teaching, depending on the area they chose to focus on while in school.


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