You can find art schools in Illinois located throughout the state. Illinois’s art schools are both large and small and feature diverse art and design programs as well as different levels of degree programs. Illinois is one state that has always been supportive of schools that encourage students to study the arts, and the culture and heritage of the state provide opportunities for students to appreciate the many galleries and museums located throughout the area. The many schools in Illinois where one may enroll in art programs provide students the opportunity to advance their skills and succeed in their chosen art fields. Art and design schools in Illinois offer certification or undergraduate and graduate degrees, depending on the college and what programs it offers.

Among the programs that art schools in Illinois offer students are audio, video or film production, game art and design, graphic design, and photography. Students who enroll in an art college may also study fashion design, interior design, or media arts. These programs are just a sampling of the areas in which art students may earn a degree. For example, in audio, video, or film production programs, students combine technology and creativity while learning scriptwriting, audio and video production, and techniques for manipulating images. Using sound, graphics, and motion, you’ll have the skills for entry-level positions in sound engineering, video, or broadcasting. You learn industry-standard techniques and can even break into film production. Imaginative gamers could pursue a career in game art and design and be a visual effects designer by enrolling in a program that provides the skills and technology to create 3-D models and virtual worlds.

Graphic design programs at art colleges in Illinois offer a variety of different degree programs which provide the tools and skills students need for a career as graphic designers. A graphic design degree can prepare you for a career in advertising design, as a computer artist, or prepare you to open your own graphic design company. Fashion design can prepare you to design your own clothes or make an impact in the fashion world. Students who love to express themselves creatively and are fascinated by design and functionality could choose a career in interior or industrial design. Enrolling in these programs can teach you about designing or filling spaces creatively with your unique sense of style. Art schools in Illinois teach students the technology and skills to succeed in these industries. You will learn about proportion, renovation, and architecture. You learn the skills to be a successful interior designer, decorator, or space planner.

Or if you love to capture images on film and to take pictures, a top photography program at one of the art schools in Illinois can prepare you to be a professional photographer. To be a professional, you must learn how to use digital software and both darkroom and lighting techniques. Successful photographers must know about art direction and composition. You must also learn proper business practices and how to deal with clients, so you can be a top photographer with your own business. Whichever art field you choose, your career will be off to a promising start by successfully completing one of the art degree programs in one of Illinois’ top art schools.


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