Students looking to attend art schools in Georgia have numerous schools to choose from. Depending on the location where they wish to study, they will have different options, but one of the largest art institutions in the state of Georgia is the Savannah College of Art and Design, with locations in Atlanta and Savannah. The Savannah College of Art and Design has several art programs to choose from and allows students to get a bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, master of arts, or master of fine arts during their course of study.

The Art Institute in Atlanta also offers students an option where to study art. For students wishing to attend online art schools in Georgia, the Art Institute also offers online programs. The school has one of the most comprehensive set of art programs for students, including degrees in culinary arts, graphic design, interior design, and more. The Art Institute even allows students to combine in-class and online programs together to allow for even more flexibility in schedules. Additionally, students wishing to attend larger universities can choose from the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, and Georgia Southern University, among others. There are also smaller private colleges located throughout the state, which can be found by conducting a simple Internet search or by speaking with a school advisor.

No matter what art schools in Georgia students decide to attend, there are several factors to consider before deciding on a program. It is important to have a strong idea about which area of art or design you wish to pursue as a career prior to enrolling in a school. Whether your focus lies in photography, painting, digital art, or anything in between, it is important to check out the credentials and rankings of the specific department in addition to the school itself. Depending on what art schools in Georgia you are looking at, a school may offer a few different departments or programs focusing on your area of interest. Some smaller schools might just offer a single degree in art studies and provide students with a general education in different areas of artistic study.

If you are looking to pursue a focus in culinary arts or photography, there are additional schools in Georgia that are small but offer focused degrees on just these areas of study. Choosing these smaller, technical schools may be of benefit to students who want to diligently focus only on one concentration. There are also large universities in Georgia that offer both a major and minor in the arts, allowing students to get additional degrees in other fields, such in as business administration or finance. Many of large universities also offer classes in photography or general art for students who are studying non-arts programs to still get an art-related education. Whether students want to attend urban art schools or schools in more suburban settings, Georgia has several options to choose from. Students are guaranteed that no matter which school they choose, the various art schools in Georgia can help students advance their art skills and help them along to become successful artists.


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