There are many possibilities if you want to be an artist. Having natural talent certainly helps but formal training is also a necessity for a successful career. You can also find training for a career in the arts besides just being an artist. So whether you want a career creating art or working with the industry, there are art schools in Delaware that can give you the training you need.

If your desire is to be an artist, you might consider attending the Delaware College of Art and Design. This college offers a two-year degree in which students study liberal arts and pick a specialty to specialize in such as photography or animation. The college developed a program in conjunction with the Corcoran College of Art and Design and the Pratt Institute, so you can easily transfer to either of these schools if you want to pursue a four-year degree.

Other choices for art schools in Delaware include the University of Delaware. You can study for a degree in fine art, visual communication, or art. There are studio-based programs that incorporates field trips, visiting artists, and internships, which allow you to have an “in” to a career in art. Or you might concentrate on art history or art administration which could lead to working in a museum or gallery. With continued training, you might even teach in an art department at a college or university.

Founded in the 19th century, Delaware State University also offers art training. Students might study graphic design or jewelry design as well as more classical studies such as painting, sculpture, and photography. Students can also choose between a general arts education or teacher training, enabling them to go into an art administration career or become an art teacher.

But not all art schools in Delaware are designed for a career in art. There are also classes offered for children and adults who simply want to learn more about their art interests. The Center for the Creative Arts is an art school with the purpose of bringing art to everyone. There are evening and Saturday classes to fit busy schedules. Children, students, and adults can learn more about drawing, painting, and even acting. There are occasional shows to exhibit student art.

The Delaware Art Museum also offers classes to adults and children in painting, kite-making, and seasonal projects. You might take regular classes in subjects like painting or take the occasional workshop. The museum also regularly exhibits student art work.

Whether you want a career in art or a hobby, there are many art schools in Delaware you can choose from. There are classes for the amateurs who want to improve their skills or learn something new. There are degree programs that can lead you to a career as a professional artist or a career in art management. You might even be an art teacher, either in the public or private sector. Depending on your talents and desires, you can get the classes you need at an art school in Delaware.


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