California is located on the west coast of the United States and is home to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. California is also known for its architecture, museums and landmarks. There are many different art schools in California worth mentioning, some of which include: the University of Phoenix, DeVry University, Brooks Institute and the Art Institute of California. Whether you would like to further your studies in film and video production, web and interactive media or fashion design and marketing, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from before making your decision.

There are a variety of correspondence, part-time and full-time courses available at the art schools in California. These options also offer you the opportunity to decide upon your level of study; you will be able to choose from a certification to a diploma or degree in the relevant field of interest. Other institutions worth mentioning include the ITT Technical Institute and the PLATT College. Some of the courses available at the art colleges of California include Advertising, Animation, Drafting and Design and Web Graphic Design. Web design can be divided into many different sub-sections which include Java Script, URL and front-end design. Web designers have a common objective, which is to create a product by using design concepts to achieve an end product with which the client will be happy. Some programs used are Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Digital filmmaking and productions is also a course offered by art colleges in California. This process is where motion pictures and digital images are captured and converted into film using tape, hard disks or memory sticks. Mainly digital photography is used, capturing several images from video. This allows for the cinematographer to see actual images as they are captured on set (this is not possible with film). Some films that have been shot using digital media include Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Star Wars Episode II and Apocalypto.

Another form of art offered by California art colleges is graphic design. This is a visual medium that allows companies to communicate their branding and designs. It is the graphic designer’s responsibility to ensure that the client’s message is conveyed correctly to the consumer. Graphic designers deal with media such as logos, publications and advertisements. Most graphic designers prefer to freelance after leaving school as it allows them to work on their own terms, focus on their own ideas and identify their own pricing structures.

Other courses available at the art schools in  California include painting, drawing and sculpting. There are various methods to create a sculpture; these include carving, welding, molding or making use of casts. Drawing forms part of the visual representation of art and students will require instrumentation such as graphite pencils, brushes and markers to study this medium. Performing arts is a course that is largely taken by students who wish to further their careers in music, drama and dance. Some professions that stem from studying performing arts include actors, comedians, singers and musicians. There is a huge variety of courses that are offered to students through art schools in California.


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