The city of Austin in Texas is an ideal location for students wishing to attend art school. There are numerous art schools in Austin, and this Texan city has various benefits to offer students as they pursue their art degree. Austin has a very diverse collection of art museums, galleries, festivals, and music and art shows to inspire students. No matter what students are looking for in a city, Austin has a little bit of everything to supplement an art student’s educational experience.

Just like the city itself, art schools in Austin have much to offer students as well. There are numerous college and universities within the city. Most notably, there is the University of Texas at Austin. The school offers both graduate and undergraduate programs for students who wish to earn their degree in art studies. The school presents a number of different courses of study, including the popular studio art major which allows students to focus on specific types of studio art, such as painting or sculpture, as well as other artistic mediums such as photography and graphic design. In fact, there is very little that art students can not study or major in while attending the University of Texas. Bachelor degrees in the arts, art history, studio art, fine arts, design, and visual art studies are all available for students attending art schools in Austin. Graduate students wishing to earn a master’s degree can obtain their Masters of Fine Arts in design, studio art, or art education and can also get a master’s and doctorate in art history.

Another popular Austin art school is St. Edwards University. This school not only provides students with easy access to the city of Austin, but also the opportunity to get their bachelor’s degree in various areas of study. Whether students wish to pursue a degree in studio arts or graphic design, this university has the resources, staff, and facilities that students will need to succeed. Austin Community College also provides students with the opportunity to get a degree in various art studies. Students looking for an affordable educational option, and who wish to pursue an associate degree in art, may find just what they are looking for in the facilities at this college.

The list of art schools in Austin does not stop there either. Whichever Austin art school students choose to enroll in, students can expect to have various resources at their fingertips while at school. Most art schools only staff professional artists who have years of experience in the field. These professionals can provide students with some of the best information possible so that they can gain real insight from those who know it best. Art students should not be surprised by the fact that finding their first job out of college can sometimes be a challenge. However, many art schools provide internships or expert career services for students to help graduates find jobs in Austin or in other cities around the United States. No matter what path Austin art students decide to take, they can rest assured that attending art schools in Austin will provide them with the resources and skills they need to succeed.


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