Atlanta is sometimes referred to as the “New York of the South.” An estimated 3.8 million residents live in or around the city’s suburban areas. Known for its Southern hospitality and rich cultural heritage, the city is ideal for students who are seeking an art education. As the 10th largest metropolitan city in the United States, Atlanta has some of the best art schools in the country, as well as hundreds of art museums and galleries.

If you are artistically inclined and want to hone your artistic skills, then pursuing an art education is one of the best ways to make the most of your talents. Graduates with art degrees have a better chance of securing job opportunities in advertising agencies, museums, galleries, and other institutions, compared to artists without formal education. This means art school graduates are more likely to secure a well-paying job as an art director, graphic artist, photographer, commercial artist, teacher, illustrators, or even a cartoonist.

Many students have trained to become creative professionals at the many art institutions in Atlanta. Students interested in pursuing an art education may want to study towards a bachelor’s degree in art. Some art schools in Atlanta offer two different types of bachelor’s degrees in art, which are bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration in general studio and a bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration in advertising design. Students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration in general studio may take courses in art history, drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture. In addition, students who pursue a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in advertising design may study graphic design, photography, computer graphics, and desktop publishing.

Other art schools in Atlanta offer an associate’s or bachelor’s art degree to develop students’ creative talents. In these programs, students learn the essentials to help them build successful art careers. Many graduates from these art institutions have lucrative careers in doing what they love.

Students who pursue studies at art schools in Atlanta will start by completing general academic coursework. Math, English composition, politics, economics, foreign languages, and social sciences are just some of the subjects that may be required to complete a degree. Additionally, students will take introductory classes in art, which can include history of art, drawing, design, painting, or sculpture. For students who want to obtain degrees in fine art, they will need to take advanced courses in their concentrations. Those who want to become painters, illustrators, and artisans will enroll in more traditional studio classes, while design students will take classes that involve digital media and technology. Students who want to study animation, graphic design, or game design will need technical classes teaching them how to use industry software, technical concepts, and problem-solving skills.

Art students at Atlanta schools also have the benefit of living in a metropolis where every year, new technology creates more job opportunities. For art students interested in becoming Web designers, websites are more dynamic and interactive everyday, so the demand for creative web designers is increasing. Additionally, artists are also in demand as freelancers and at professional agencies, such as at marketing companies or advertising agencies. Also, some publishers still want hand-drawn and painted illustrations for book covers and graphics. Graduates from art schools in Atlanta have several career options, whether they involve modern technology or traditional art.

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