Students who want to obtain an art degree in the state of Alabama have several options. Students can get their degree from an art institute or from a larger college or university that has an art department, depending on the student’s preference. Students who wish to go to an Alabama art school have the option of getting an associate’s, bachelor’s or graduate degree in the art field. Though they can expect some of the same basic courses at any art school during their education, not all art major programs are the same. Some of it depends on the student’s desired area of study. Within a typical fine arts degree program, students can choose to focus on ceramics, photography, painting, sculpting, graphic design, or a number of other areas.

Students wanting to attend an art school in Alabama have many options where to study. One of the benefits of going to an art school in Alabama is that there is an even mixture of beautiful natural landscapes, small towns, and large thriving cities, giving students a variety of inspirations. Most of the major universities and liberal arts colleges in the state of Alabama offer some type of art degree and allow students looking for a more diverse education to mix their arts-related program with other fields of study such as business, history, or communications. While in school, students can expect to visit and even look for employment at the different art galleries and museums located in the bigger cities of Alabama.

The city of Birmingham in Alabama is home to the Academy of Fine Arts, which makes the city an ideal fit for students wishing to only study art or photography. Auburn University in Montgomery, AL has a number of different programs including an entire department dedicated to fine arts, while Huntingdon College, also in Montgomery, has a department for fine and performing arts. Students wishing to attend a smaller, more liberal arts college while studying art can go to Judson College or Spring Hill College. These are just a few of the many options students wishing to go to art school in Alabama have to pick from.

Once students have obtained their degree, there are several areas they can find jobs. Art school graduates in Alabama can work as artists, selling their original creations to galleries and private collectors. Or new graduates can find work creating illustrations or photographs for books, newspapers, and magazines. Graduates can also work for a gallery, hotel, or museum as an art curator or take on a number of other jobs dealing with the business aspects of the art industry. There are numerous job options for graduates of art schools, and many of the bigger art programs even offer students career placement and resource services. Some art programs may even offer internships while the student is still in school. Whatever Alabama art school students picks, they can expect to find an art education that is beneficial to their overall study, no matter what specific type of art they choose to focus on.


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