As at a traditional university, art school tuition can be substantial. In fact, most art schools are more expensive than many public universities. Close to half a million individuals are enrolled in art and design programs in the U.S. Independent art and design colleges have a total average tuition over $40,000, however financial aid is often available for individuals who need student loans to help pay for art school tuition.

Art students have the choice of pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree at a public university or an independent art and design school. Pursing a liberal arts degree can be another option for students interested in art but don’t have the means to pay for tuition at an independent art school.

An independent art school such as the Art Center College of Design located in California can have a total art school tuition cost close to $30,000. Moore College of Art and Design has a tuition cost of $1,338.00 per credit for its competitive graduate program. The Academy of Art University in San Francisco costs about $18,360 a year to attend. Students in California can apply for Cal Grants, which can help offset some of the art school tuition expenses. Some well-regarded art schools, such as the Pratt Institute, can have annual tuition costs of over $30,000 for undergraduate students.

Before you consider an independent art and design school, carefully evaluate the necessary costs you will have to cover. Art school tuition can be expensive to say the least, but there are available funding resources or even alternative avenues, such as part-time schooling, that can help you obtain your goal.

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