Art school endowment rankings are one way to judge how well art schools are regarded and how well they provide for their students. School endowments are gifts given to a school, usually by school alumni and sometimes by wealthy benefactors and organizations for the purpose of improving education. These gifts are often made in the form of money or other assets, such as donations of equipment or technology products.

Art schools with large endowments can spend more money on students or provide better facilities than compared to schools with very small or no endowments. Schools that are highly placed in art school endowment rankings can also spend more to attract quality instructors. Endowments are usually solicited from the public as a means to provide superior or quality knowledge to their students.

Choosing an art school is an important decision, because where you obtain your education can have a great impact on how successful you become in your career. Art school endowment rankings can give you a clue as to the quality of training you will receive at an art school. Schools with high rankings are generally more prestigious and harder to get into as well, as many students will try to apply to these schools. Since these schools do not have to solely rely on tuition from students to provide superb art facilities and programs, students can find more value in attending these schools.

Art school endowment rankings are not the only factor students should look at when choosing art schools, but it should be one of them. The most important factors are whether students feel comfortable and inspired by the instruction and can graduate with a degree that helps them find a successful career.

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