Art scholarships for women are available through a number of private and government-sponsored agencies and organizations. The scholarships encourage women of all ages and personal backgrounds to develop their skills in the different areas of art, from performing arts to studio arts like painting and sculpture. Scholarships can be especially beneficial to women or girls who cannot pursue their artistic dreams due to financial restraints or lack of opportunities in their local area.

Art foundations are numerous and are ideal places where women can apply for scholarships. These foundations tend to deal only with funding for the arts. The scholarship amounts may not provide full tuition assistance, however, and for this reason, it can be a good idea to apply to multiple foundations. Additionally, there may be qualification restrictions for applicants, so each application should be carefully read to make sure all requirements are met.

Some available art scholarships for women include the Worldstudio Foundation AIGA Scholarships, which is geared towards minority undergraduate or graduate art students. Other art scholarships are available from the National Sculpture Society and the College Art Association. There are also regional art scholarships for women, such as the Union League Civic & Arts Foundation which provides funding to students attending school in the metropolitan Chicago area.

It is important to thoroughly research the organizations, foundations, and even individuals that offer art scholarships for women. Unless a scholarship locating service is used, applicants should not have to pay to apply for a scholarship. If one of these services is used, it should be thoroughly researched as well.

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