Art management involves the blend of business administration and business principles with the creativity and the passion of art. Schools around the country from the community college level up to the university level offer training and degrees that specialize in art management. Someone that would pursue an education in art management would be comfortable with the ideas of how art is conceived and also how a business centered around art would be run. Art management institutions and schools offer a wide variety of majors that will be sure to influence you to choose the area of study.

 The programs at many art management schools offer fine arts, theater arts, and also art history classes. The programs are going to be tailored to both the management and business side of the art world. Schools have choices to balance both of them evenly or to choose one side over the other. In any case, the program you choose will incorporate your understanding of the economics, accounting, computing software, and business ethics. Also, the study of art will be taken in to account with majors such as art history, dance, museum studies, music management, and studio arts.

 You would most likely choose to pursue an education in art management because you obviously have an interest in art, but may not be up to the levels of creating art for survival. The art management major would be an excellent choice for someone who has a creative mind and can provide the hard work and skills to management the finances and public affairs of the art or the artists. You can also work strictly with some of the classiest and most well known people in the art business. You will accompany your clients to meetings and gatherings where artists and their managers alike share and discuss their pieces and career moves. Most importantly, you would choose this major because you are a sociable person who would like to earn a healthy income and who has a great interest in art as a means of business.

 After completing schooling in this field of study, someone would expect to pursue a career in advertising, marketing, public relations, art directorship, are administration, choreography, as a curator, or a director. Advertising and marketing would favor someone who leans more to the business side of the art world while the public relations and art directorship would favor someone who would find themselves working with the public and one on one with their clientele. These careers would be responsible for the promotion, the finances, and the administration of the artist, the museum, or any other venue that hosts art or exhibits of creativity. Someone in this background could freelance their services or could even be part of a larger entity that specializes in the management and production of art.

 Art management is a wise and expanding career choice in this current market for anyone who has the passion and knowledge to be fiscally and professionally responsible to the artists and to the establishments that are hosting or managing art.

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