In order to understand more fully the meaning of the term art management portfolio tips and therefore enable oneself to present one’s art management portfolio in a way that will appeal to the commercial world we need to understand the  terms ‘art’ and ‘management’ both singularly and in combination with one another.  An art management  portfolio which simply lists qualifications and personal details will not lend itself to coming to the top of the pile.  Here are some art management portfolio tips which should help guide you towards a rewarding career.

Choosing your career

‘Art’ is defined as the deliberate process of  arranging media – whether it be music, dance, sculpture or literature – in a way that will be appealing to the sense or emotions.  ‘Management’ is the act of bringing people and processes together in order to achieve a common purpose – whether it be profit or non-profit making.  Bring the two words together to produce ‘art management’ and you will discover that the term can mean an indeterminate number of job creations and that the term art management can indeed bring together a broad spectrum of choices which might lead to confusion for the student and employer when an art management portfolio is created and presented if the original research does not reflect your talents and interests.  When constructing an art management portfolio there are certain tips that will guide you in the right direction.

Having decided that a career in art management is the one for you, then seeking a school or college programme which will further a career for the student of art management it is probably best advice to first of all decide which stream of art is more akin to one’s interests or talent before constructing your art management portfolio. Other tips to try: Define for yourself the type of  art management in which you might excel.  Little point, for instance seeking a placement at a college which majors in music for the commercial markets when you are a talented sculptor who is passionate about creating public displays through art charities.

The types of jobs that can be generated in art management can be anything from museum research and development through marketing and sales – to theatre and opera recruitment.  Have you ever arranged a party for a friend or organised a gig? In which case here’s another art management portfolio tip: list event marketing and promotion in your experience and skills list when constructing your art management portfolio

There are now any number of  international networks  for arts and business and there are tips to be learnt from their websites when constructing your art management portfolio.   When putting your art management portfolio together remember to research your college or future employers so that you may discover their  hotspots.   Art management as demonstrated here can be a very broad spectrum and if your portfolio reflects nothing more than the fact that you have in interest in music for instance, then you might as well leave your art management portfolio in the desk drawer.

Broaden your outlook, search and research are probably the best tips when constructing your portfolio.  The  European Sociological Association Conference for instance would not be the first thing that might spring to mind as a reference point for your art managent portfolio.  They however include  a research stream for arts management as an own discipline. Their researchers are looking for creative and dynamic people who have talents in art and management.  Your portfolio should reflect your personal interests as well as your qualifications,  experience and skills.

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