The cost of higher education has long been a point of contention among both students and all those who will help to finance their learning choices.  This has never been truer than with art students who are seeking reputable establishments for honing their skills and solidifying their career plans.  A costly education is only justified by the ability to earn a comfortable living and to easily repay any enduring educational debt.  In spite of their extravagant costs, the art institutes with the highest tuition continue to hold a special appeal for aspiring artists given their impressive reputations, distinguished faculties and high emphasis on preparing students for a lifetime of art.

Located in Pasadena, California, the Art Center College of Design will cost students just under $40,000 net per year after average financial aid packages have been applied.  This school has been ranked as the most expensive private college in the U.S., however, undergraduate students will be delighted to find that the sticker price of $16,572 per semester along with all other education-related costs, will afford them access to a very stringent and well-rounded curriculum.  This is the ideal institution for students who wish to learn design theories and techniques that are socially responsible, while maintaining a clear connection with traditional methods.

Artists can expect a rigorous curriculum and access to multi-disciplinary training as well when attending the almost equally costly School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  This renowned institution places a strong emphasis on artistic freedom and has had a major impact on arts and education since 1866.  For a net cost of approximately $38,000 per year, students are made privy to courses ranging from Fiber and Materials Studies, Film, Painting and New Media as well as Architecture, Fashion Design and Photography among many others.  

Undergraduates seeking degrees will pay nearly $1,300 per credit hour of study, however, each applicant has access to a hard-working financial services enlists every effort to  make the institution and its many benefits and opportunities available to people of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.  Thus, those truly interested in attending this institution will find a broad range of funding options and financial guidance available to them.

The benefits of attending art institutes with the highest tuition extend far beyond comprehensive offerings in curriculum.  Whether attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Art Center College of Design or other costly locations such as the Rhode Island School of Design, students will enjoy the privilege of instruction through well-respected and seasoned practitioners in each respective field.  

There is the additional benefit of attending a location of great historical relevance and establishing a strong professional foundation through both networking opportunities and training that places a strong emphasis on both traditional artistic methods and modern innovations.

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