There are many different art employment opportunities available to those who are interested in pursuing a career in art, although these usually vary depending on the specific skills of a person. For example, some jobs in the fields of advertising, graphic design, website design, and marketing require those with art backgrounds. There are also employment opportunities for individuals who are more skilled at metalworking or sculpture, such as in making sets or props for film, theater, and television. Someone with knowledge of sewing may be able to get employment in costume-making or fashion.

Art employment opportunities also have widely varied requirements, and anyone interested in a particular area should do further research about that specific career. Those whose talents pertain to painting and illustration can find a number of different art employment opportunities. Job opportunities in areas such as commercial illustration or graphic design are quite suitable for someone with a strong background in design. Other careers in art include coloring, penciling, and inking in comic books.

There are also plenty of art employment opportunities in the entertainment industry, from helping to produce music and sounds to directing and film editing. Students who studied audio engineering, photography, fashion design, animation, performance art, and web design in school can all find jobs in the expansive entertainment industry.

Many art employment opportunities are also available in various fields for those who like to teach the arts. Actors, musicians, illustrators, sculptors, costume designers, and many other types of artists can usually find work in the teaching field, especially those who have a degree and a background in teaching.

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