A passion for art; be it in the area of painting, sculpture or architecture usually means further education for those that are truly zealous about a career in this amazing field. There are countless genres of art and when you first begin your studies, chances are you will find yourself drawn to one or even more of them. It is advisable to learn about each, so as to familiarize yourself with the various types of art. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a skilled artist, further education will open your creative spirit to countless new ideas which will allow you to move forward in your artistic passage.

Having made the decision to pursue your artistic interest you need to work out whether to study locally or at one of the prestigious art colleges abroad? Decisions like these are best looked at from many angles so that you make the one that best suits your needs. There are many options for the budding artist when it comes to studying art abroad, from enrolling in painting workshops which offer daily instruction in all mediums, including oils, acrylic, watercolours and pastels either at a college or a retreat. Private study of this nature focuses on quality group and individual instruction which is why it will bring you to new levels of skill and enjoyment in your artwork.

These workshops are usually intense in nature immersing students into a hands-on learning experience. The idea behind week or month long classes abroad is to open up your mind, your senses, and your traditional thought processes thereby creating a fresh new creative direction in your art work. Another goal behind these often dubbed, artistic sanctuaries is to allow the artist be truly free to explore and find new and exciting ways to express themselves through their artwork. Be prepared for anything and everything, as the courses available at art colleges abroad are designed to break down walls and barriers that may have been built previously.

You may find yourself studying the works of Van Gough in the morning and creating chalk art on the sidewalk of a quiet café later that afternoon! One of the best things about studying at one of the many fantastic art colleges abroad is that although the main focus is to learn; you will also have lots of fun with your art! Guaranteed! Studying art abroad allows you the opportunity to ascertain if anything is blocking or hindering the expansion of your creative self.

Art-inspired France or Italy, as well as many other countries in Europe offer excellent tuition for those wishing to study art abroad. Or why not immerse yourself for a week at a recreated renaissance era painting workshop to further your degree in art? The benefits of studying through one of the accepted art colleges abroad are enormous. Studying art abroad doesn’t have to be an expensive venture, as there are many courses which include full board as well as instruction.

For those that choose to study at an art college abroad rather than one back at home, they are given the priceless opportunity of absorbing the atmosphere surrounding the locations where famous artists lived, played and worked. Many students find that studying abroad is indeed addictive, with a growing number of participants finding the experience so valuable, that they return for a second or third course of instruction. What are you waiting for?

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