A student seeking an art education should consider the many excellent art schools abroad. Attending a school in Europe gives the student a chance to experience a new culture widening the students repertoire of ideas. Artists, possibly more than others, need an exciting, creative atmosphere to accomplish their best work. Meeting students from various countries and experiencing school life with them gives the art student a quality life experience. Not only be will the students be receiving an excellent education in art, but they will be expanding horizons as well. Opportunities for art school abroad include university programs, post graduate schools, as well as summer programs.

One important consideration for attending college abroad is language. There are schools that have programs taught in English, but many will be taught in the native language. Therefore, if there are no English classes, the student must be fluent in the native language. For this reason, some may learn a language in college such as Italian and later attend a graduate school abroad in Italy. A working knowledge of the language is essential for succeeding in any school.

Attending a school in Great Britain can be a good choice for English speakers. They will have the opportunity to go to school abroad but will be able to learn in their own language. If US students want to be in London, one school to consider would be The University of Arts London. They have an international program with students from over 100 countries. There is a wide range of subjects taught, some of which are fashion design, curation and criticism, photography and film/media. The school also offers flexible short courses of study for vacation times, weekends, and day or night classes.

Italy, a country full of classic art as well as modern arts such as fashion design is a favored location for studying art. There can’t be any better inspiration to learn about art than by being surrounded by it. The Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan boasts the highest percentage of international students in the country. This is an excellent school for the classic art of painting and sculpture. Classes are taught in Italian and therefore students need to pass a language test to be accepted into the Academy.

If France is the destination of choice for students wanting to learn art abroad, Parsons Paris School Of Design is the place to be. A special program in this school is the preparatory program geared towards providing an excellent foundation in art school basics as well as the French language. After this program, students can attend other Parson’ programs and upon completion receive degrees in Fine Arts or Photography Communication Design, Illustration, Fashion Design. There are also certificate and continuing education programs available for those who will not be pursuing a higher degree but still want an excellent basic art education.

Studying in art schools abroad is an exciting path to a degree in the arts. The experience of living and learning in another country and culture will be an experienced the student will never forget.

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