Arizona‘s wide, wild places are the perfect combination of beauty, mystery and possibilities that make it an ideal location for young, creative individuals to learn. Its diversity also offers students a different perspective to help them explore and expand their talents to build a successful career in fashion design. So what can Arizona fashion design schools offer to future trendsetters?

Training for an exciting career

Fashion design is typically offered as a shorter Associate degree or as a more formal Bachelor’s degree. Students can choose from several majors, including Fashion Design and Fashion Retailing & Merchandising. Students who wish to focus on the creative side of fashion designing typically choose the former while those who would also like to learn the business side of the trade prefer the latter. Either way, students learn to enhance their creativity and inventiveness and learn how to create trends and styles in clothing, shoes and accessories.

Students can choose to attend classes via face-to-face instruction with a teacher or study on their own through online programs.

How about job prospects?

Many graduates of Arizona fashion design schools can get hired as assistants to the designer or pattern makers. With experience, they can then move on to more challenging roles as chief designers or heads of their company’s design department. They can also find employment with manufacturing firms that produce textiles or with companies that design accessories, shoes and hats. There are also jobs for fashion designers at malls, shops and boutiques where they could work as personal stylists or in-house designers.

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