Arizona holds many surprises for locals and visitors alike. With its picturesque beauty, it has enticed many people to come and stay. So it’s not surprising that it’s also one of the best places in the U.S. to study. With its changing landscapes and natural beauty, Arizona is also where many students begin their careers in the fashion industry. Arizona fashion design colleges offer excellent training and the advantage of being located in a place that’s a natural source of inspiration for creativity.

Becoming a fashion designer

Most fashion designers begin their careers as students of Fine Arts with a major in Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising. Both of these programs are offered by Arizona fashion design colleges, giving students the opportunity to refine their sketching techniques and inspire their creative talents. Courses can range from two-year programs to four-year programs, although some colleges may allow students to enroll in accelerated courses so they can complete their studies within a shorter time period. Programs typically include design and design theory, clothing, textiles, merchandise displays, marketing and retail. Students will also learn business fundamentals, marketing techniques and consumer trends, among others.

Starting your career

Arizona offers different routes for fashion design students to take after graduation. Students, for example, could find entry-level employment with more established fashion houses and work their way up. They could also work with companies that offer related products and services to the fashion industry.

While Arizona is not traditionally a haven for fashion design, that may soon change, thanks to the establishment of Arizona Fashion Foundation or AFF by Arizona native Angela Johnson. Johnson is a fashion designer herself, known for her trendy punk-nerd designs. With AFF, Johnson hopes to provide fellow fashion designers in the region better opportunities to get together with other professionals in the industry and build a strong network through well-planned and advertised events such as fashion shows. This will help provide a favorable landscape for many fashion designers in the state, particularly new ones.

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