Creativity and Cutting Edge Design at Arizona’s Architectural Schools

Schools for Architecture in Arizona lead the way in sustainable design and creative development

Against the back drop of Arizona’s expansive landscape, a number of architecture schools are teaching students how to use their environment to create inspired designs.  There are a number of architecture schools throughout the state and none of them disappoint.  From first class teachers to highly motivated students, Arizona’s architecture schools are leading the way in cutting edge design.

Going into architecture is a great way for artistic students to find real world applications for their talents where they can turn their passion into a career.  In Arizona, there are a number of top rated programs which have been leading the way in architectural design.  Students come from all over the world so that they can learn the skill that they need to design everything from homes to theaters.  It is not enough to have good grades; Arizona’s architectural schools are looking for students who are going to be leaders and innovators.

As well as innovation, Arizona’s architectural schools focus on ethics and integration of various skills from a number of different domains.  They highlight the need to produce structures which work with the landscape while simultaneously meeting the needs of the people for whom they are designed.  Architectural schools in Arizona expect students to integrate the desert, its people and their culture into their work.  They focusing on how to include surroundings into design and be aware of the cultural, physical and environmental needs of the projects that they work on. 

While, they focus on their immediate environment, the architectural schools in Arizona look to have a global impact and be able to use their research and skills in other areas with similar climates and cultures.  Scholars and students from architecture schools in Arizona travel all over the world and transport their knowledge and skills, constantly seeking applications for their designs in a variety of different atmospheres, with a focus on global arid climates and communities.

Architecture schools in Arizona are at the forefront of sustainable development and building practices.  They are constantly seeking out energy efficient design and setting the standard for development in arid climates.  In Arizona’s architecture schools, there is an emphasis placed on creating spaces which use the minimum amount of resources in construction, blend in with the landscape and create the least amount of damage to the environment- all the while, saving water and energy.  These schools strive to create a new kind of architecture.

Frank Loyd Wright, one of the most famous architects of the 20th century founded Taliesin, an architecture school in Arizona.  It began with just a few apprentices and has grown into an architecture school which is known throughout the world. Their motto is to “learn by doing” and they incorporate art, drama, and music into the curriculum as well as design.  Among Arizona’s premiere architecture schools, Taliesin is known for incubating creativity and incorporating originality into design.

Schools for architecture in Arizona are leading the way is sustainable design and innovative development, and they are making a global impact by focusing on their immediate environment.

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