Architecture schools in the US provide students with the relevant education they need to make a career choice in the architectural field.

The processes of planning, design and construction are all a part of architecture. Architects offer their professional services in the design and construction of a building, group of buildings, and the surrounding sites. Architecture schools in the US will teach you about the many aspects of architecture and what it means to be an architect. Some architectural influences include the early gothic era, the renaissance, modernism, and post-modernism. An architect is a specialist in his/her field, trained in the art of planning, oversight, and design of buildings. Before entering into this field of study, one needs to ensure that they have skills such as critical evaluation, communication, and mathematical skills.

Architecture is not only limited to the creation of buildings. This discipline branches further into fields such as landscape architecture. Architecture colleges in the US provide students with the knowledge they require to become architects. Architecture is a popular industry and is always in demand. To increase one’s chances of getting a position or internship in a prestigious architect firm in the US, students or graduates should try to gain experience while still studying.

Top architecture schools in the US include Cornell University, the University of Texas at Austin, and the Southern California Institute of Architecture, just to name a few. Some courses offered at these colleges and universities include architecture design, architecture studies, visual art, building technology, and computation. Each of these disciplines has a flexible set of subjects which can be bolstered with independent or elective studies. When students are enrolling in architectural studies, they are urged to gather in-depth information on each course prior to finalizing their course schedule, as this could influence their career path at a later stage. Beginner courses are also available providing students with an introduction to the world of architectural design. Other universities with top architecture colleges in the US are Harvard University, Columbia University, and Kent State University. It is important for students to investigate which institutions are accredited and which are not, as credentials count in the business environment.

In the US, architects are required to be licensed before they can provide an architectural service. Architecture schools in the US will teach students the relevant requirements and regulations of the industry. To earn a license, one must first obtain the relevant degree as well as gain practical training or internship. Further, one will be required to pass all divisions of the Architect Registration Examination. In most states in the US, continued studies are required to maintain the license. Some careers relating to architecture include construction, housing management, landscape architecture, and drafting. Construction is a large sector which embraces civil and structural engineering, building services, and surveying. Housing management encompasses the administration of housing estates and properties on behalf of local authorities and associations, meaning the responsible architect needs to consider both social and business aspects of the projects.


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