Tennessee may be best known for country music, but it boasts architectural schools that are not only academically competitive but focused on raising critical awareness by using sustainable ideas in architectural design. In addition, studying at architecture schools in Tennessee is more fun because it does not restrict students to deductive reasoning or linear thinking. The schools call for creativity and an appreciation for beauty and the arts.

Students will not run out of options when it comes to choosing the right architecture schools in Tennessee. Programs in architecture are not only limited to schools in large cities such as Nashville and Memphis. There are undergraduate and graduate architecture schools scattered throughout the state in different areas, even in smaller cities. Schools vary in sizes, types and the programs offered. There are also Tennessee architecture schools that are secular and religious schools.

The University of Tennessee (UT), located in Knoxville, has a long and interesting history in the field of architecture. The university’s College of Architecture and Design is one of the most renown in the country and has been highly ranked by architectural publications. The college offers a bachelor’s degree of architecture, which is typically a five-year course, and a master’s of architecture with three different degree tracks. The UT College of Architecture and Design also offers a landscape architecture program, if you wanted to pursue a career related to the outdoors. All bachelor’s and master’s programs offered at the University of Tennessee are accredited by National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB).

The University of Memphis is another great choice for undergraduate or graduate programs in architecture. They offer a bachelor of fine arts in architecture and also a master’s in architecture. These programs are focused on training the students to create professional concepts in the field of architecture. Graduates of these architecture programs in Tennessee are expected to acquire the necessary competencies to become efficient architects. Some of the important competencies include applying safety and health standards and managing the technical difficulties in architecture-related projects. Another four-year public university that offers an architectural program is the Tennessee State University. There are also many private universities in Tennessee to choose from.

Aside from major universities, students also can opt to attend technical schools or community colleges that offer programs in architecture studies. Community colleges in Tennessee also supply architecture-related programs such as interior design, drafting, and research. Some of these Tennessee architecture schools provide alternative ways of training and support to their students. For example, some may build affiliations with businesses in the industry to help secure career opportunities for their architecture alumni.

Overall, getting into an architecture school in Tennessee is a good academic investment, because architecture as a profession is currently in demand and a lucrative industry. The programs may be quite challenging, but large companies in Tennessee and across the nation are always seeking young architects who can bring fresh ideas to the table. There are also associations such as the AIA Emerging Professionals that specialize in the professional growth and development of architects in the region. A career as an architect can carry students globally as well, offering plenty of exciting opportunities after graduation.


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