Mt. Rainer, coffee, beautiful scenery and a host of historical events, the incredible Pacific Northwest holds many jewels in its crown. Among them are the many Seattle Architecture Schools that offer a wide variety of programs. They range from real-life business practices to the marriage of open space and structure.

The College of Built Environments (CBE) at the University of Washington – Seattle is one of the best Seattle Architecture Schools. It has four departments, Architecture, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design & Planning.

The college offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees along with several PhD programs and interdisciplinary certificates. They focus greatly on environmental design and construction disciplines preparing students for careers in their respective fields on a global basis.

The college wishes to unite natural elements with man made in an effort to preserve the natural environment that surrounds us. All programs concentrate on the larger social and global issues of building within the limits of the natural world.

The University of Washington was founded in 1861 and is one of the oldest schools on the West Coast. It has some of the finest research facilities in the world and much of the campus looks out onto Portage and Union Bays.

A different take on Seattle Architecture Schools is the Seattle Architectural Finishing Studio. They concentrate on only Venetian plastering techniques.

Aaron Cohen, owner and professional artisan, has 20 years experience in contracting and is regarded as an expert in wall finishing techniques. He is the only importer in the US of Stucco Italiano from Vicenza Italy, one of the, if not the, most environmentally friendly product on the market.

They stress the importance of using high-quality materials and excellent technique for their certification program. Classes are a combination of applied, instruction and example with each of the different plasters.

This might seem a very finite area for an architectural student however every design area possible should be researched and learned if possible.

They are located just south of downtown Seattle and are two blocks from the Seattle Design Center.

A more practical approach to Seattle Architecture Schools is the ITT Technical Institute. Here degrees are offered in Construction Management and Computer Drafting and design.

Site construction, measurement and building codes are just a few of the practical applications taught to future builders in Construction Management. Students will use project scheduling and construction estimating software along with other tools to ready them for the real-world job market.

Computer Drafting uses the latest hardware and software to instruct students on the creation of designs and their elements. Students will learn via classroom lecture and hands-on projects how to translate ideas and sketches into suitable building plans.

These Seattle Architecture Schools cover a lot of ground from environmentally green building practices to artistically ornate design, from landscape friendly to realistic business practices, from creative functionality to cold hard numbers.

Attending any of these three Seattle Architecture Schools will give future designers and builders excellent skills in their prospective careers and they are sure to be assets in their fields and in their communities.

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