Are you looking for a leading architecture school within the Pittsburgh area? As the market for well educated, competent young architects increases, how will you get ahead of the competition? Architecture schools within Pittsburgh are aware that their future success relies on your success and so have designed excellent educational programs to help you kick start your career. The ever evolving city of Pittsburgh provides a prime location to study architecture. Previously renowned as an industrial…steel town, Pittsburgh has developed into a cosmopolitan, high tech center, full of new commercial buildings, residential buildings and urban developments; overall it has become the epicenter of inspiration for any up-and-coming architect. Schools within Pittsburgh offer a broad range of educational programs. Certificates allow the discerning student to sample the area of architecture before committing to a 4-5 year program study, or specialize within a specific area of the field e.g. landscaping techniques. Bachelor degrees are the basic requirement for those who wish to apply for licensure and work professionally. The city of Pittsburgh offers a top of the league Bachelor program spanning over 5 years. The program is delivered to a level of excellence through impeccable tutors with previous industry experience and small class sizes facilitated with state of the art classrooms and labs. The curriculum facilitates the theoretical concepts coupled with practical facets of architecture. Opportunities are provided for an international architect exchange program within the fourth year of study, allowing students to continue their education whilst acquiring an extra language and indulging in various cultures. The school is one of only approximately 120 schools within the U.S that is qualified for national accreditation upon completion of the 5 years of study. Bachelor degree graduates will have compiled a credible portfolio under the watchful eyes of their tutors and mentors ensuring they are fully equipped for entry positions within the field. For those already holding a relevant degree graduate level studies are available to Master and PhD degree level. Upon graduation gainful employment may be achieved within a variety of niches. The industries of commercial, residential, landscape and environmental architecture all seek out professionally trained architects. After a graduate feels they have attained a relevant level of industry experience they may progress into management or enter the world of freelance. Some graduates from schools within Pittsburgh have even progressed on to develop their own architectural firms. Aside from offering fantastic architectural programs, Pittsburgh also homes plenty of options for leisure time. Local parks, museums, theaters, galleries and sports clubs provide endless hours of entertainment from well deserved study breaks. Culinary desires are varied due to the cities ethnic diversity and options can be found to suit every taste and budget. Retail therapy is plentiful from local boutiques to the more commonly known high street chains. Down town hosts a number of clubs for wild party nights, if you would prefer a quiet drink with new found school friends, just pop across the bridge where you will find countless bars and cafes. Pittsburgh truly has it all, fantastic architecture programs and a wide variation of leisure time activities. Ensure you have a successful, professional career, head to an architecture school in Pittsburgh.

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