Architecture schools in Pennsylvania offer students the opportunity to learn about architecture as well as the career opportunities in architecture after graduation. Undergraduate programs offer a bachelor’s degree in architecture, a bachelor’s degree of science in architecture, and a minor in architecture. Some architecture schools in Pennsylvania offer programs that can be completed in four years. Meanwhile, other colleges may offer more comprehensive and advanced programs that can take five to six years to complete.

Architecture programs at schools in Pennsylvania typically last for four years and offer the training that allows students to enter positions that require architectural knowledge. However, these programs do not require that students become licensed architects. Additionally, these programs can also be for students who want to pursue graduate studies. Five-year programs also teach the knowledge and skills that are needed to become a licensed architect. The majority of architects will graduate from a five-year program. Six-year programs are for students who want to pursue degrees in architectural design research.

Architecture schools in Pennsylvania will teach students topics like making models, drawing, and hands-on construction. The programs may teach students to create buildings with traditional and non-traditional methods. Students will learn both conventional architecture skills which involve the process of using a drafting board, along with non-traditional methods such as using digital media to create three-dimensional models.

Visualization and fabrication are important aspects of architecture. Digital technology allows students to experiment with new architecture methods that may involve digital fabrication and visualization methods. This type of study requires interaction with information technology services. These types of resources are frequently used to work with other companies with new technology and new skills for architectural work.

Sustainability is another important aspect of architecture. Many architecture schools in Pennsylvania place high importance on “green” or environmentally friendly structures. Besides learning about sustainable practices, students will also learn how to research about sustainable practices. In addition, other schools may focus on how to use solar heat and radiation in the home, as well as the use of different materials for heating and cooling in buildings.

Many architecture schools in Pennsylvania are associated with local communities and businesses, which can provide internship or part-time employment opportunities for students to help them build their portfolios and resumes. Students at architecture schools in Pennsylvania will complete research projects that may focus on how to create buildings in areas where space is an issue, how to preserve and restore older buildings, how to incorporate different elements of design, and how to make interesting structures. Different types of environments may require different structures, since different areas may have to work with the different resources that are available.

Through working on projects, students at architecture schools in Pennsylvania will learn skills like teamwork, problem-solving, project management, and decision-making. Students will take courses on architecture history and theory, as well as practical skills like how to use drawing boards, use computer-aided design (CAD), and scout locations. Pennsylvania architecture schools will assess students’ knowledge through exams, essays, research projects, verbal presentations, and design-based portfolios.

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