Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the Unites States. The state has disparate and captivating landscapes, from major urban cities to snow-capped mountains. It is also home to several architecture schools that are globally competitive. Not only do architecture schools in Oregon help students advance and refine their technical skills, many will also help students recognize their accountability to the environment, as well as take into account cultural and social systems when creating their architectural designs. The architecture schools in Oregon aim to create not only quality professionals in the field of architecture, but also leaders dedicated to innovating structural designs in their communities, including in spearheading sustainable architecture in urban areas.

In general, architecture schools in Oregon believe in a collaborative approach to learning architecture. Students are typically not encouraged to focus on competing against each other, and instead, they are trained to work together, contributing their expertise to produce satisfying outcomes and a healthy learning environment. There are many degree programs available to students in Oregon, such as a Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture. Students can also study landscape architecture, if that is their interest.

There are several education choices available, when it comes to studying architecture in Oregon. Students can choose from technical institutions, regional community colleges, and public and private universities. These schools provide adequate opportunities for students seeking quality education in the architectural field. Students looking for a large public university may want to consider the University of Oregon, located in Eugene. The university’s Department of Architecture offers programs that are fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), which is the only agency authorized to approve architecture degree programs the United States. Additionally, the architecture department also offers a degree in interior design, which is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.

Additionally, many architecture schools in Oregon may offer their students the opportunity to study or work abroad in countries like Italy, Germany, Denmark, and Finland. Students in architecture programs can also expect to partake in discussions and written assessments, so they are exposed to intellectual freedoms as well as design ideologies.

Students wishing to take the two-year master degree program for professional architecture can concentrate their focus in different areas of the field. Some may choose to study sustainability or landscape architecture programs. Other major universities that students may want to consider are Portland State University and Southern Oregon University.

Students can also obtain architecture-related training and certification outside of public universities. Attending architecture and drafting technical schools is a good alternative for some students, because graduates of these programs receive a wide variety of career options. While architectural design is more focused on huge structural designs and modeling buildings, drafting is more centered on creating technical sketches and plans for products and mechanical structures. There are several community colleges that offer architecture studies in Oregon.

Architecture schools in Oregon and the state’s government have a common goal of producing professionals who not only provide quality service but safeguard the general welfare of the community. Thus, all architecture graduates who wish to be licensed professionals should pass all relevant exams and certifications and gain internship or part-time experience.


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