If you have an interest in designing buildings or structures that awe and impress, you should consider attending architecture schools in Missouri. There are many jobs in the fields of building design and construction, and there are several architectural schools in Missouri that offer high quality training on these subjects.

Students may enter a five-year program in architecture leading to a master’s degree. If so, students should research potential architecture schools in Missouri to make sure they offer this program. There are many schools that offer both bachelor’s and master’s programs in architecture. The bachelor’s degree in architecture is centered on architectural history, physics, and structures. In addition to core architectural subjects students also learn business and engineering. A bachelor of science in architecture can be earned in three years. The duration of the master’s program in architecture depends on the student’s performance in the bachelor’s course. Generally, the duration varies between two to three years. Both graduate and post-graduate degree holders are eligible to become licensed architects.

At architecture schools in Missouri, students learn the history and evolution of architecture. They are also provided with a firm conceptual background in physics, which is a crucial subject in architecture. As part of the degree course, students are provided with local internship projects that enable them to excel in the practice of architecture. A master’s degree in architecture can lead to a professional license in practicing architecture, after which you can work at an architectural firm or start your own architectural consultancy. It may be a good idea to find architecture schools in Missouri with successful alumni who are dedicated to the betterment and growth of the institution.

There are many great architecture schools in Missouri located throughout the state and in large cities like St. Louis. Some schools offers a bachelor’s in architectural design and drafting technology. The program prepares students for an entry-level design and drafting job in architectural firms, civil engineering companies, and mechanical engineering companies. The architectural design and drafting program educates students on the fundamentals of design and engineering graphics. Students also learn how to operate various computer-aided design software technologies and gain proficiency in computer-enabled drafting.

Students should make sure the facilities and studio labs at architecture schools in Missouri are up-to-date and not outdated. They want to make sure they are using the best tools available, as this will mirror more what they will use once they are working in the field. A lot of studio and lab time will ensure students will gain a lot of hands-on experience, and small class sizes mean students get more personal attention from instructors. Since architecture can be very involved and complex and requiring a lot of mental and physical modeling, good and clear instruction from professors can have a profound effect on the ability of students to absorb course materials.

In Missouri there are plenty of job opportunities for licensed architects and certified architectural draftsmen. The various architecture schools in Missouri help to provide skilled manpower to the growing construction sector and aid creative students in the realization of their dream of becoming a professional architect.


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