Students interested in pursuing careers designing tall skyscrapers, unique residential homes, or impressive shopping centers should consider studying at the many architecture schools in Michigan. Architecture schools in Michigan will help students develop the necessary technical and personal skills to become successful, professional architects.

Michigan boasts a large number of public and private colleges, not including technical or vocational schools. This means students interested in attending architecture schools in Michigan have a large number of options to choose from.

Basically, architecture is the study of building design, including building structure. Architects learn to design and build new buildings as well as rebuild existing buildings. Rebuilding is an important part of architecture as it takes existing outdated or unused buildings and converts them into useful spaces for society, including apartments, offices, individual homes, or large commercial spaces.

Students interested in architecture schools in Michigan should note the degree programs can be quite difficult and involved. It typically takes four to six years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in architecture. During this time, extensive math and drafting techniques are taught. Architecture students in Michigan can choose to obtain higher degrees if they want, including master and doctorate degrees. Many students will also choose to take on internships during their time at school.

In the architecture schools in Michigan, students can expect to learn the basic principals of architecture, environmental issues, structure of buildings, etc. Students then continue their studies to in more advanced or specialized courses, depending on their interests or career goals. To obtain a bachelor’s degree, also called a bachelor of architecture, students usually need to complete two studio drawing courses and two courses in architectural history. Students may also be required to take basic principles of environmental technology and structures. The master’s program can be a two-year program or three-year program. If students already have an undergraduate degree in architecture, the two-year program is the right choice for them. Masters candidates are required to complete a thesis, as well as courses in studio drawing and site-planning.

If you want to become a teacher in architecture, you would need to complete a doctorate degree at one of the architecture schools in Michigan Specialized fields are also taught within the doctorate degree, which include building technology, design studies, history, and theory. The University of Michigan is one college that offers the doctorate program in architecture.

If students are serious in becoming architects, they should make sure the architecture school they attend in Michigan is accredited by the appropriate national agencies and boards. They should also consider taking classes that will help them pass the necessary exams to become licensed architects. Additionally, not all architecture schools in Michigan will offer the same classes, so students should research course catalogs prior to enrolling so they are not disappointed.

Architecture is taught throughout the country, but architecture schools in Michigan are definitely a good choice when deciding upon a school. They will help students develop the skills they need to succeed as architects anywhere in the world, as long as students study hard and take advantage of any job experience opportunities.


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