In the state of Illinois there are many public, private, and technical colleges and universities for studying architecture programs. Building and design have become an integral part of today’s world. From commercial to residential, there are many kinds of programs for students to explore so that they can gain a job in this exciting career field. The development of different types of architecture has encompassed such fields as landscape and urban art.

Types of Available Architecture Programs

Numerous architecture schools in Illinois are available for both residents and non-residents of the state. Tuition will be offered at a reduced rate for those who live in Illinois. From certificates to masters, there are various programs to seek in the field of building and designing. Most certificate programs can be done by online learning and do not take very long to obtain. These programs are great for professionals continuing their education.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees will take longer (2 to 6 years), depending on the degree that is sought and the program entered. Whether one is looking to design buildings in a city environment, create urban works of art, or landscape residential communities, architecture schools in Illinois offer students various programs to get them on their way.

Prerequisites and Coursework

Classes in technology, calculus, and others will be needed for those wanting to work as an architect. Students will, of course, need to consult with their counselor as to the credit hours needed for each semester for their specific certificate of degree. College preparatory classes completed during the high school years will also provide extra credit hours, which in turn shortens the list of prerequisites.

Longer programs for associates, bachelors and above are rigorous and require students to be fully dedicated to summer internships, mentoring programs and other career related obligations through architecture firms and other companies working with their school. There are also international programs that allow students to travel, study, and work abroad while studying for their degree. Successful completion of classes and proper grades will be needed in order to gain approval for the remainder of the program at some institutions. Applicants should be prepared and mindful of what it will take to be approved for the continuation of their degree.

After Graduation and Continuing Education

Depending on the program completed, students may have to continue their education in the future so as to stay current with certain facets of their field. Architecture colleges in Colorado offer courses online and in person at some of their many campuses. For those graduating, there are many opportunities that await degree holders. From teaching to owning a design firm, graduates will find numerous positions available both locally and internationally.

Every year many students graduate from architecture institutions in Illinois and go on to work in various cities all over the world. For those seeking an artistic avenue with architecture, the sky is the limit. Some cities will pay five figures and above for a project that reflects their artistic or cultural side. With respect to the more common fields of architecture, salaries can start at $45,000 and go up to $100,000. Of course, as with any career, salaries are affected by demand, location, and experience.


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