Dallas Architecture Schools

Most of the architecture schools in Dallas emphasise a hands on approach to learning which will give you the opportunity to make your own designs even before entering the world of work.

The architecture in Dallas is a study of contrasts. Tucked between modernist architecture and impressive monuments are turn of the century buildings which bequeath a rich contrast to the Texas City. This potpourri of architectural styles is the setting for quite a few Universities, Colleges and Institutes which offer Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Architecture. The buildings in the city are a smorgasbord of creativity and will whet the appetite of anyone interested in design.

Architecture is not just simply about designing buildings, however, and the curriculum of the design schools make that apparent with their offerings. A typical Bachelors course offers such subjects as: world history of architecture, building systems, concrete and stone structures and environmental designs. The courses cover such a wide range of areas that it is reasonable to assume that a career in architecture is varied and there are limitless possibilities for you to choose from. Some graduates of architecture move on to gain specialist qualifications and move into urban planning, landscape planning, and conservation or even become teachers, writers and television personalities.

Most of the architecture schools in Dallas emphasize a hands on approach to learning which will give you the opportunity to make your own designs even before entering the world of work. Not only are these schools located in areas where there are stellar examples of design to stir the creative senses but they are engaged in collaborative efforts with other universities in various countries.

The University of Texas at Arlington located in the center of the rich postmodernist and picturesque area of Dallas exemplifies this; they are in partnership with over seven universities overseas namely Sweden, Italy and Rome.

Baylor’s University is another school which offers a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. This school is located on plush green lawns with beautiful turn of the century buildings just east of downtown Dallas. This school’s emphasis is not only on academics, they are committed to producing well rounded high quality students. Hence, you will find that quite a few general education courses are incorporated into the main curriculum which includes the emerging area of green technology. Similarly to the University of Texas Arlington, they offer study abroad programs which are available for students to study in seven countries to widen their creative scope.

Another notable Dallas Architecture School is the University of North Texas. This school is over a hundred years old and has a rich history of art and design. They offer degrees in Communication Design and Interior Design where students can specialize not only in the fundamentals of architecture but also to specialize in other design related areas.

There are other Architecture Design Schools in Dallas such as the Art Institute which offers degrees in Interior Decorating and Commercial and Visual Arts. They have a flexible class schedule for weekend and evening classes. Similarly, Westwood College, offers the same degrees and the same flexibility with class time and best of all, they both incorporate internship programs with key Dallas firms.

So, if you are inspired by creative landscape, hands on experience, traveling abroad to broaden your scope or even flexible class times choosing a Dallas Architecture School will be the right choice for you.

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