If you’re curious about working in the field of architecture, you must obviously be wondering about how much architecture salaries are. Well, look no further, as it is time to sit down and talk about what kind of pay scales on average, as well as more specific pay scales in the field are for architects. The average architecture salaries for architects themselves were around $64,000 in 2006, with the higher fifty percent of those architects somewhere in there between $49,000 and $83,000. The lowest of  the group earned less than $39,000 and that top ten percent were averaging around $104,000 or higher. If you decide to go into architecture, understand that architecture salaries certainly are going to be on the lower end of the spectrum, but once established, it is easier for architects to come up with a steady salary.
For those looking to step into the architecture world, it is important to see the breakdown in the architecture salaries, given that in this field, the salaries do fluctuate. On the lowest end, Intern I’s will only earn around $28,300 a year, Intern II’s will earn $33,500, and Intern III’s will earn $40,700 a year. Once starting as an architect, the numbers change as Architect I’s average around $41,100 a year, Architect II’s are around $48,100 a year, and Architect III’s can earn around $54,700 a year. These numbers fluctuate depending on your experience, as well as the area that the architect works, but these are pretty clear indications of architecture salaries. For managers, they can earn around $63,000 a year easily in the architecture field, and Associates are averaging around $71,000 at least. 
As you can see, architecture salaries are quite good, and depending on the area, they are even better. One of the benefits of working in architecture is that interns do get paid a significant amount when they start out, even if it isn’t as much as a full architect. Also, several architectural firms will offer to pay for tuition for more classes for their interns and architects alike, which will help you move up a tier while taking classes practically for free. Architects have good salaries that easily fall into the middle class, but they also have the benefit of being in a very fast-paced, intense and enjoyable job that requires brain power and man power like few other positions. 
For the most part, once you have completed your training to become an architect, architects often earn salaries around $60,000 up to $120,000 a year. This is after you have gone through architecture school and then become licensed so that you can begin. One of the most interesting aspects to working as an architect, though, are the reports that it is a very intense career where years will fly by, so know that you’ll be completely engaged. Don’t think that the salaries are going to be a magic number, though, as the large part of an architect’s salary has to do with the area where you live. The cost of living there might be different as well, so architecture salaries are things that tend to fluctuate quite a bit over time.

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