If you are thinking of becoming an architect, it is definitely better for you to find out as much as possible about the responsibilities and tasks of an architect before you delve into architecture. And for others, it is best to know what an architect does in case you need to hire one!

Architects are supposed to be highly skilled professionals. To put it briefly, a person aspiring to become an architect needs to go through stages of education, training and examinations apart from the required years of working experience (monitored by a qualified architect). Then, you can apply for a license as a qualified architect.
According to statistics, there are around 20% of architects who are self-employed. Or you can choose to work for a prestigious company!

The job description for an architect revolves around the art and science of design for construction of a building. Basically, an architect designs, plans and supervises the construction of a building. Being responsible for the safety, aesthetic value and function of the building with conformance to the law and needs of the client, an architect has to think very carefully before producing an appropriate design.

Initially, an architect discusses with the client to find out about the purpose, budget and other requirements. Looking at the proposed land site, an architect gets some idea about the environmental impact and other features.
Bearing in mind all the important factors, an architect prepares an initial design or sketches using CADD (computer-assisted design and drafting) for submission to client. The first drawings include features of the building (general shape, appearance and inner look), construction method and the location of the building on the site. This drawing has to conform to the local law and regulations. The architect may report some of his ideas and proposals to his client. After review by the client and further discussions with the client, the architect comes out with his final drawings. The final drawings will be more comprehensive with details of construction and inner design of the building (including all the necessary structural systems like plumbing, electrical and ventilating). The architect uses CADD and BIM (Building Information Modeling) to produce the final works for approval by the client. The architect has to continually work with the client even after the final approval to revise whatever drawings in line with budget constraints or any other client needs.

An architect‘s job description is not limited to drawings and designs! Architects have to work with the main people involved in a building construction like engineers, contractors, planners and interior designers. Thus, it is important to note that an architect needs to be a good team player who coordinates all the information given by others involved in the building construction.

Supervision and monitoring are two items of an architect‘s job description as well. An architect has to ensure that all the necessary people involved like engineers and contractors are conforming to his design and plans! An architect‘s job is not over until the construction is complete (after passing the required tests and construction costs paid).
To put it simply, an architect‘s job description includes supervision, managing and communication apart from design. But, then, an architect is paid very well too!

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